The Soldier Boy Scene From The Boys' Herogasm Episode That Has Fans Reeling

Season 3 of "The Boys" is well underway and Episode 6 tackles the risque Herogasm storyline from the comics. The show is known for seamlessly blending an analysis of hard-hitting themes with outrageous plotlines and the Herogasm scenes are no exception. Viewers have been shown the debauchery that goes on between Supes behind closed doors before, but not quite to the extent shown in this installment. When Butcher (Karl Urban), Hughie (Jack Quaid), and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) arrive to survey the scene, it's clear that the event they've come to infiltrate is a superhero sex party. The ensuing episode is all at once revealing, emotional, and salacious.

Similar to the secret Supe hangout Butcher brings Hughie to in Season 1, Herogasm is a gathering where heroes can use their powers to pursue their wildest fantasies. Although the attendees' antics are certainly distracting, our protagonists have more pressing matters to deal with. Soldier Boy is searching for the TNT Twins (played by Jack Doolan and Kristin Booth), former members of the Payback team who betrayed him, a plan that quickly goes awry when his unpredictable powers erupt.

Matters get even worse with Homelander's (Antony Starr) unexpected arrival, leading to a confrontation that viewers have been looking forward to ever since Soldier Boy was introduced in Episode 4. When the two Supes finally face off, they each land a few taunts before Soldier Boy doles out a shady remark that has left fans awestruck.

Soldier Boy disses Homelander's outfit

With all the other characters otherwise occupied, Soldier Boy and Homelander have an intense encounter teeming with passive aggression. Homelander notes that he used to look up to Soldier Boy when he was a kid. Homelander relays, almost fondly, that he's seen all of Soldier Boy's movies multiple times because he was the only superhero who was ever as strong as him. Without missing a beat, Soldier Boy obliterates any potential alliance by making fun of Homelander's cape, a key component in the costume that he never takes off. It comes off as more of a snarky afterthought than a real insult, but it doesn't take much to get on Homelander's bad side these days.

They start fighting immediately, and even though he tries not to show it, it's clear that Homelander is more than a little miffed that his idol isn't impressed by him. The star-spangled Supe would probably be equally upset to hear that viewers appreciated the gibe. "The intonation [Soldier Boy] puts on "you're wearing a cape" is savage. Blue Hawk wasn't the only one who got dragged HARD that episode," wrote Redditor u/st0li.

Redditor u/SeaGroomer had similar sentiments. "That was definitely the hardest hit Homelander took that day." Even though Homelander is subdued by Hughie, Butcher, and Soldier Boy, he's able to overpower the trio at the last second. Hopefully, the titular team will get another shot at taking him down in the next episode of "The Boys."