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Riverdale Won't Be The End For Archie Comics On The CW

For six seasons, "Riverdale" has provided plenty of soap opera-y shenanigans for viewers as well as ample meme fodder for people who enjoy following all of the drama on social media. However, the good times inevitably have to come to an end. After storylines involving everything from parallel universes to witchcraft, the show has seemingly touched on every conceivable type of plot, so perhaps it's appropriate for the show to end following its seventh season.

Fans can at least take some solace in the fact that they have a few more adventures with Archie (KJ Apa) and the gang. Fortunately, audiences won't have to wait too long or go too far for their next soapy mystery show as The CW is already lining up its next series hailing from the pages of Archie Comics. Deadline reports that "Jack Chang" will be The CW's next venture, following in the footsteps of "Riverdale" by centering on an Asian-American, 16-year-old private investigator who navigates his diverse home and school. There's some extremely exciting talent lining up behind the scenes to make this one project to keep your eye on.

Oanh Ly, Viet Nguyen, and Daniel Dae Kim will help bring Jake Chang to life

You'd be forgiven for never hearing of Jake Chang before. Archie Comics filed paperwork in February to trademark the character, and he'll soon make his comic debut in the Betty and Veronica story, "Mystery of the Missing Mermaid," which comes out on July 27. He'll then make the leap to people's television screens in a show that Deadline describes as a "teen drama with a neon noir aesthetic, all while flipping nearly every Asian stereotype — honor, martial arts, destiny, lineage, parental sacrifice — on its head."

The show hails from writer-director Viet Nguyen and writer Oanh Ly, both of whom worked on "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." They'll be joined by Daniel Dae Kim's 3AD production company, Warner Bros. Television, and Archie Studios. In a statement, Nguyen and Ly said, "The world of Jake Chang is vast, compelling, and a whole lot of fun. And just like our rascally teen detective, we're going to lean into the 'F U' of the original 'Fu Chang' IP and delightfully destroy all familiar tropes and tell a unique Asian-American story." Fu Chang is a detective character from the 1940s who solved crimes in Chinatown, San Francisco, and it sounds like the series will pay homage and deconstruct those types of stories.

Daniel Dae Kim stated, "3AD is so excited to join the Archie universe, especially with writers like Oanh and Viet at the helm. Jon [Goldwater], Matt [Lottman], WBTV and the team at CW have been great shepherds of these beloved characters and we hope to continue their tradition of success." As of right now, it doesn't sound like there are plans to introduce Jake Chang during the final season of "Riverdale." There's no word yet on when the show will premiere or who will star as the titular character.