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The Warrior Nun Scene That Always Makes Fans Laugh

In this world, there are few things people love more than combining two disparate concepts into one beautiful, bizarre entity. Such is the case with "Warrior Nun," the Netflix series created by Simon Barry. Based on the comic book character Warrior Nun Areala introduced by Ben Dunn and premiering in July 2020, the series has reached a wide audience and had an overall positive reception. The Netflix adaptation earned a 68% approval rating from critics and a more generous 74% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.

Starring Alba Baptista in the role of Ava Silva, the series draws from religious themes with a comic, at times irreverent, twist, similar to how the video game series "Bayonetta" borrows from religious icons. For instance, there's a character simply named "JC" (Emilio Sakraya), which is likely referring to Jesus Christ. Beyond that, the entire concept of supposedly peace-loving and pious nuns using their holy powers to kick butt is one that will probably make any actual nuns recite a few Hail Marys.

However, there's one scene in particular that fans love, about which Redditor u/explosivve commented, "I wasn't fully paying attention the first time this scene came on and had to rewind to make sure what I thought happened actually did." Here is the moment that always makes "Warrior Nun" fans laugh.

The scene features Shotgun Mary pushing Ava Silva off a cliff

The scene in question, which comes from Episode 6, "Isaiah 30:20-21," was shared on Reddit by u/TheAvacadoBandit and features an encounter between Ava and Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner). As Ava sits on top of a cliff, Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner) approaches. "Seriously. Why can't any of you just leave me alone? I never asked for any of this," Ava complains — before being kicked off the cliff by Shotgun Mary.

If you don't have kids around, check out the extended clip posted by u/TheAvacadoBandit where, upon falling from the cliff, Mary yells, "B***h!" at Mary, having survived thanks to her supernatural powers.

Some, like u/nekromantique, hypothesized whether or not Shotgun Mary knew the fall wouldn't kill Ava or not. "She just heals incredibly fast otherwise," they write, referring to how Ava is nearly indestructible unless she encounters her equivalent of kryptonite, divinium. "Remember she got stabbed by a normal knife. And bled fairly badly...but was completely fine the next time she popped up. Divinium is the only thing that may KILL her, but she was damaged by other stuff before."

However, many posters just took the time to appreciate the inherent humor in the scene. As u/kaysmilex3 writes about Shotgun Mary's reaction, "the way she just walked away nonchalantly was so funny."