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The R-Rated Romantic Drama You Likely Forgot Starred Chris Evans

Love is a quintessential human emotion that is important for a life well lived, but it can also cause us to dwell on the past when that particular feeling is left unresolved, abandoned, or rejected. Since the dawn of recorded history, people have told stories in and about love that can run the gamut from comedies to tragedies in the classical sense — just think of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Speaking with Complex, psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert spoke about the modern popularity of romantic dramas, and said, "Sad movies also allow us to confront feelings — feelings for example around loss, broken hearts, and failure. Such movies can also be inspiring — watching how others deal with sadness might teach us how to handle it as well, and how to persevere in the face of difficulty."

Chris Evans, probably best known as his role in Marvel movies as Captain America, has had a long and extensive career that has spanned genres and mediums of media. Getting his original claim to fame in the form of rambunctious comedy "Not Another Teen Movie," Evans went on to appear in the "Fantastic Four" movies, "The Losers," "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," and the "Snowpiercer" movie (via IMDb). These days, Evans has been in the who-dun-it "Knives Out" and lent his voice acting skills as Buzz Lightyear in "Lightyear," but many have forgotten about one of Evans' early works, and this film is about love, drugs, heartbreak, and resolutions.

Evans plays a broken hearted drug user in 2005's London

The movie in question is none other than the 2005 film, "London." Starring Jessica Biel, Chris Evans, Jason Statham, Dane Cook, and Louis C.K., "London" isn't about the city across the pond, but rather a girl with that name, played by Biel. Evans plays a character known as Syd, who use to date London, but their relationship eventually ends and Syd is left heartbroken and remains hung up on his love for London. When he eventually hears that London is throwing a going away party, Syd and his drug dealing friend Bateman (Statham) decide to crash the gathering. This sees the two hide in a bathroom and do copious amounts of intoxicants as they rant about love and life in general, and Syd eventually decides to confront London about their previous relationship.

In an interview with W Magazine from 2013, Evans told an anecdote involving fans and the movie "London," and said "When people tell me, 'I love 'London',' I say, 'You must have had a f*****-up relationship!' I've had those arguments with women; I've said those things. Sadly, I related to that narcissistic drug addict!" He continued talking about what it was like to be on set, and added, "I'm a bit of a control freak. And it's easier to be a control freak on a smaller project. If I were a director, I would never hire me. I want to know about everything — from the music to the camera angle." Needless to say, if one has a hankering for a drug-fueled and brokenhearted Evans in an early and uncharacteristic role, then "London" is what you want to watch!