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The Supporting Character Rick And Morty Fans Would Love To Make A Return

"Rick and Morty" has been home to some of the most recognizable television characters in recent years. The show, which follows an alcoholic scientist and his neurotic grandson as they go on a series of absurd adventures, usually involving dimension-hopping, has a strong cast that has helped it to stand out from the crowd of other crude and clever animated hits. 

While its main cast of Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) and Morty Smith (also Roiland), along with Morty's family consisting of Jerry (Chris Parnell), Beth (Sarah Chalke), and Summer (Spencer Grammer), are beloved in their own rights, it's the show's wide array of colorful side characters that often leave a surprisingly big impression on fans. How else could one explain the nature the wild characters this series sees fit to introduce on a regular basis.

From Mr. Meeseeks (also Roiland) to Birdperson (Dan Harmon) to Mr. Poppy Butthole (also Roiland) to Scary Terry (Jess Harnell), and too many others to list, there's no shortage of vibrant personalities on the show. Even many of those who only appear for the shortest bits of time somehow remain memorable. Notably, a sizable part of the "Rick and Morty" fandom seems intent on witnessing the return of one such notable side character.

Fans are squanching for more Squanchy

Squanchy, a character voiced by "SpongeBob SquarePants" actor Tom Kenny, is a scraggly-looking cat-like creature who first appears in Season 1, Episode 11 ("Ricksy Business"). In the years since the character's debut, he has appeared in at least one episode of every season, except for Season 3 (via Fandom). Despite his and Rick's many obvious differences, the weird little space critter acts as a good friend to the mad scientist. Most notably, Squancy shares Rick's love for partying and drinking, and often engages in an act he calls "squanching." In fact, he is known for making use of the word "squanch" to replace any number of verbs.

But don't underestimate the Squanch. When the gang is attacked by the Galactic Federation in Season 2, Episode 10 ("The Wedding Squanchers"), the little guy takes a potion that transforms him into a hulking monster. He subsequently battles the invading force with great bravery. While his whereabouts following the fight are largely unknown, he later appears in a number of flashbacks. Evidently, fans are hoping for more of a full-fledged return soon.

In a Reddit thread on the r/RickandMorty subreddit, u/ecb1912 asked who else misses Squanchy. The sizable response to the post surely indicates that many fans are ready to see him back in action. While u/Dependent_Factor_982 and u/blblblblblblhhhhhhh reported that they believe the character has been used enough, most others were so passionate about his return that they began commenting in his unique language. In fact, u/Couch_Critic wrote, "I wish they would squanch him from another dimension. I'd like to have him in the show again." Similarly, Harrow1028 shared, "I really hope the squanch squanchy back to squanch." It doesn't get more potent than that.