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The Members Of The Boys Who Are Evenly Matched In Fans' Eyes

Few shows on Amazon Prime Video have taken off in the way that "The Boys" has (via Forbes). Based on the comic book series by Garth Ennis, the subversive superhero comedy-drama follows a twisted version of the Justice League as they lie, cheat, steal, and kill, all while being looked up to by society and rewarded for their corruption — that is, until the Boys get involved. A team of mostly non-superpowered humans who want to settle a score with the heroes of this world, the five vigilantes seek to kill as many Supes as they can while hopefully getting to the root of where they came from along the way.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) is often selected as a fan favorite of the antihero team. The ruthless, unflinchingly brutal leader of the team, Butcher will go to any means necessary to get even with and punish the superhuman denizens of "The Boys." Despite his dodgy moral code, fans can't seem to get enough of him. However, there is another member of "The Boys" who happens to be just as popular as its fearless leader.

The Boys fans also love Frenchie

Frenchie (Tomer Capone) was a member of the original version of the team, and he returns after Butcher reveals that he has captured one of the Seven, Translucent (Alex Hassell). Though Frenchie is at first reluctant to rejoin, his lust for vengeance wins out, and he decides to help bring the war to the Supes once again.

In the r/TheBoys subreddit, u/asapdammoh posted a poll asking their fellow fans which member of the vigilante team was their favorite. Though the race was incredibly close, Frenchie actually managed to beat out Billy Butcher for the top spot, and even if the relatively narrow competition between the two was touch and go, the fact that Frenchie came out on top is an undeniable surprise. Specifically, Frenchie beat out Butcher by an incredibly tight 14 votes, with over 1,300 votes cast in the poll.

After the results were revealed, some fans responded with an air of the show's characteristic cheekiness. "Would be [F]renchie but, f***ing diabolical," said u/SaucyAsdaKaren in a Butcher-esque comment. Redditor u/LongSkateboardingDog concurred with the results as well, celebrating the victory with "Frenchie ftw!!"

Some fans were more critical. Redditor u/SinisterGhoul said, "I liked Frenchie but some of the greatest mistakes in the series are because of him. So I picked Butcher lol," seemingly referring to how the character's emotions often get the best of him. Regardless of how you feel about Frenchie, he's certainly one of the most likable and relatable characters on the show. How did Capone make the role so iconic?

Tomer Capone went deep to find the character

"It was just something [where] somebody throws you the ball ... and you run, you run, you run, you run," Tomer Capone told the TheWrap about his breakout role. "That's what I'm doing 'til this day." Capone also spoke about getting acclimated to the character by visiting places that are off the beaten path in order to spend time around people who may not fit in with the rest of society. "Funny enough, I blended right in, and I was one of them. That really helped me in finding Frenchie," the actor shared.

Perhaps it is this dedication that has pushed Frenchie to the top. And while there might be the occasional bit of squabbling about which member of the group rules the roost, fans will hopefully have many more seasons of "The Boys" to help them settle on a decision (via Variety).