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Why The Character Names On Bones Have Fans Looking Twice

The crime procedural "Bones" was always a bit different than the other shows that it was modeled after. While the first season or two is definitely more serious and dramatic, by Season 3 onward, the tone changed into something more goofy and funny, and even slightly subversive. As showrunner Hart Hanson described it in a Q&A with fans just before Season 4 aired, it's a "crimedy," or a show that combines elements of romantic comedies, crime dramas, and police procedurals. That new word for the sometimes wacky storylines on "Bones" was repeated by Hanson again years later while discussing Season 8, Episode 6 ("The Diamond in the Rough") — the episode in which Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) go undercover as ballroom dancers (via EW).

"Bones", which was based on the adventures of real-life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, ended Its 12-season run in 2017. Since then there has been talk about a renewal, especially with "Lucifer" Episode 6, Season 9 ("Goodbye, Lucifer") teasing a future show called "Bones Again." While fans haven't stopped hoping, both Boreanaz and Deschanel have dismissed the idea in the past (via TV Insider). But while the show probably isn't returning anytime soon, fans new and old are still constantly discovering new things about their favorite "crimedy," and one of those has to do with the interesting character names used on the show.

Fans have noticed names are often reused on the show

"Has anyone noticed how often they repeat same or similar character names in Bones?" u/randettit posted on a "Bones" subreddit. You don't have to have a keen eye to notice that names seem to repeat on "Bones," and there are some strange coincidences. One of which is that from Season 7 through Season 9, Booth and Brennan were hunting a serial killer named Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds). Fourteen episodes later in Season 9, Episode 18 ("The Carrot in the Kudzu"), actress Sunnie Pelant would make her debut as the pair's daughter, Christine Booth. What makes this coincidence even more intriguing is that in Season 5, Episode 22 ("The Beginning in the End"), Colonel Dan Pelant (Ned Vaughn) tries to recruit Booth back into the Army. 

While no one in the "Bones" writer's room has ever acknowledged the Pelant link, Hart Hanson has said that he named the character Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) after his best man (via University College Alumni Magazine). Another Redditor, u/Ictc1 also noticed that "EVERYONE is called Andy too. Or variations of the name Andrew.. Agent Andy, baby Andy, Andrew Hacker, Rebecca dates a Drew. Minor characters too." (Take note as well of the first name of the actor who played Christopher Pelant.)

While it's unclear if the names being reused were purposeful or by accident, it's an interesting observation from "Bones" fans, and — with the show being done — one we may never get an answer to.