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The My Hero Academia Scene That Never Fails To Give Fans Goosebumps

As far as successful anime go, "My Hero Academia" is near the top of the heap. Based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, the hit anime has grown in popularity substantially over the course of its five seasons. Set in a world where 80% of humanity miraculously gains superpowers referred to as "quirks," the superhero show imagines a reality quite different from our own.

As hero agencies open up and villains try to upset the newly established order with their own quirks, young heroes begin their training at prestigious hero schools. The series mostly follows the heroes of Class 1-A at UA High School in Japan as they come to terms with their powers and grow their potential as vigilantes themselves. Along the way, many intense battles are fought, some with friends and others with murderous foes and dangerous villains. Throughout its time on the air, the series has featured a diverse set of villains, including two "My Hero Academia" characters that fans thought deserved better.

However, no matter how bad things get, everyone knows that they can count on All Might (Kenta Miyake and Christopher Sabat), the greatest of superheroes, to save the day if things get too rough. In fact, many fans still get goosebumps when thinking about one particularly memorable scene.

Fans love All Might's final battle with All for One

In Season 3 of "My Hero Academia," All Might faces off against All For One (Akio Ōtsuka and John Swasey) in a final battle between the two bitter enemies. Unfortunately, this battle is complicated by the fact that All Might has been slowly passing his powers off to young Izuku "Deku" Midoriya (Daiki Yamashita and Justin Briner), a process that gradually weakens the mentor. While the fight pushes the hero to his absolute limit, All Might never gives up and ultimately pulls off a narrow victory, but at the costly price of his remaining power as a hero.

On the r/MyHeroAcadamia subreddit, a thread by u/megamindwriter commemorated the emotional episode, with the original poster writing, "This scene gives me goosebumps every time. Especially when the reporter cries." Similarly, u/McKeon1921 was also enthusiastic about their memories of the battle. "This is still my favorite fight right now, in the manga and anime," they commented. "My very close 2nd is Deku vs. Muscular."

The battle's hefty impact on the world of "My Hero Academia" cannot be understated. It serves as essentially the end of an era, a passing of the torch between All Might's hero generation and the heroes of Class 1-A. With All Might basically reduced to a normal human from this point on, it becomes even more essential that Deku and his friends master their powers.

Meanwhile, another commenter explained the difference between different versions of the scene, depending on whether users watch it with subtitles or dubbed audio. "There are some scenes where the dub just hits different in some animes," said u/Walter-C Dornez. However, regardless of the format preferred, it would seem that the scene never fails to elicit a profound emotional reaction from fans.