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The Impractical Jokers Star Fans Agree Gets Hit With The Worst Punishments

The entire premise of TruTV's reality prank show "Impractical Jokers" is that people love to watch others publicly embarrass themselves. In fact, James "Murr" Murray, Sal Vulcano, Brian "Q" Quinn, and Joe Gatto were humiliating one another long before they landed an entire TV show about it. Not only do the Tenderloins compete in cringe-worthy challenges in an attempt to beat one another, but the loser is inevitably subjected to a particularly mortifying punishment. It's all for the sake of outrageous comedic TV, and the four friends are truly the only people who would ever be able to pull off some of these stunts. 

There have been nine seasons and counting of "Impractical Jokers," but a lot has changed over the years. The guys have become more recognizable as they have risen to fame, so it only means that their pranks continue to take it to the next level. More recently, Gatto exited the show after being there from the very beginning. But "Impractical Jokers" is still on the air, and that likely means many more pranks and punishments to come.

As the seasons go on, these punishments only seem to get increasingly degrading. Notably, many fans of the show think one particular crew member always seems to get the worst punishments.

Murr always gets stuck with the most humiliating punishments

In November 2021, one "Impractical Jokers" fan made a post to the show's subreddit in which they asked other users to opine on the victim of the worst punishments. There was plenty of varied discourse among fans, but Murr was the obvious choice of the majority. "Hands down, I think it's Murr. They shaved this man's eyebrows, made him wear Q's smoky hair for a WHOLE SEASON, gets a thumb in his booty... poor guy," the original poster, u/mental_mango444, wrote. The post received nearly 150 upvotes, and it was later updated to include the times Murr was "tossed out of a plane, pierced, and naked posing for an art class."

Other fans elaborated on the horrific punishment when Murr received a prostate exam on TV and in front of a live studio audience in the episode "Dark Side Of The Moon." u/ghagnome wrote, "The prostate exam alone makes him have the worst ones." In general, Murr seems to get most of the punishments that are a double hit of physical and emotional humiliation, as u/jbabs95 pointed out.

Sal received a few shout-outs as the runner-up "Impractical Jokers" star with the worst punishments. In fact, some fans apparently think "Impractical Jokers" took things too far in some cases. Most fans were quick to note the questionable tattoos Sal has received on camera. "Murr had some terrible ones. But I'd do every single one of their punishments to not get Sal's tattoos," u/CerealWithIceCream wrote. 

Murr agrees he gets the worst punishments

Notably, it would appear that this opinion isn't limited to fans of the series. In fact, Murr himself appears to be widely aware that he often ends up with the absolute worst of the worst punishments when he loses. He explained his reasoning in a 2021 interview with Lifestyle Today. "I think generally I get the worst punishments," he said. "Any rational human being would agree to that." 

Of course, he's probably not wrong. When everyone from the fans to the stars agree on something like this, they're unlikely to be significantly far off. After all, even the disagreeable fans on Reddit weren't arguing against the fact that Murr has received a plethora of humiliating punishments in "Impractical Jokers" history. 

Specifically, Murr cited the punishment where he was forced to shave off his eyebrows. "My license still to this day has no eyebrows" he elaborated. "I look like a potato going through a bad divorce. You know? It's ridiculous." He also listed off a few bad punishments that his co-stars like Joe and Sal have been forced to endure. These ranged from mildly embarrassing to cringe-inducing, but Murr's list definitely still takes the cake.