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Workin' Moms Fans Just Got Some Bittersweet Season 7 News

Being a mom isn't easy. As joyous of a time as it can be, it comes with its hardships, too. And sometimes, to make it through the trials and tribulations, all you can do is try to look on the brighter side of life. 

That's the basic premise of "Workin' Moms." The series follows a group of working mothers who meet via their mommy-and-me parenting group. They all have different pitfalls and shortcomings, but together, they're strong. They also have different support systems in place, but together, they make it work in this modern, crazy world. 

The show premiered on CBC Television before becoming a global phenomenon, thanks to Netflix. It's had an incredible run on both platforms, wrapping up its sixth season in April 2022. Those hoping for the good times to keep rolling are in for a bit of good news, but there's some medicine that also has to go down with the sugar. 

Workin' Moms will end after its seventh season

Catherine Reitman, the creator of the show who also plays lead Kate Foster, posted the announcement that the show's seventh season will also be its last. She took to Instagram to post a video of her letting her fans know the news and writing the following, "Workin' Moms Season 7 is coming but there's something you should know... Sending love to all of our fans, we'd be nothing without you! See you soon."

At the end of the video, a press release comes out saying how "Workin' Moms" Season 7 will debut at some point in 2023. A lot of people were understandably upset to receive the news. Mary Elizabeth Ellis wrote, "Absolutely ADORE this show. I'm sad to see you go, but can't wait to watch you leave;) I know you'll do great things with this last season. Enjoy!" Reitman's co-star Jessalyn Wanlim also had to get in on the action, proclaiming, "SEVEN F***ING SEASONS is insane!!! What a ride."

"Workin' Moms" may be coming to an end, but at least it will provide a tad more joy for just a little while longer.