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The South Park Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"South Park" is one of the most recognizable TV shows in adult animation. Its brash, absurdist, and often offensive style of humor has earned it both praise and criticism in the past. Yet, for all the years of controversy, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's beloved series remains just as popular and relevant as it was when it debuted in 1997.

One of the aspects that continues to set "South Park" apart from other animated series — apart from its unyielding satire — is its huge cast of characters. "South Park" is filled with dozens upon dozens of memorable characters, most of whom reside in the fictional Colorado town the show is named after.

It's easy to see that some of South Park's residents embody certain characteristics one can associate with the astrological signs of the zodiac. Do you want to know which "South Park" character you are, based on your zodiac sign? Then read on.

Aries — Randy Marsh

Aries signs are larger-than-life personalities. They're brash and in your face, and they tend to be recklessly impulsive and quick to anger. They're emotional people known for their sensitivity and hotheadedness when it comes to taking on new challenges. These are the main attributes one can most clearly see in Randy Marsh, Stan and Shelley's father, and the irresponsible, dimwitted, immature husband of Sharon.

Formerly a geologist working and living in South Park, Randy began the series as a fairly conventional and straight-laced side character, a figure of responsibility who acted as a foil for the hijinks his son and his son's friends got into. Over time, though, Randy would evolve (or devolve) into one of the most careless, dangerously childish, and outright hilarious characters in "South Park," someone who frequently lets his emotions triumph over logic — a key trait of an Aries.

Randy wholeheartedly embraces the challenges of life, dropping everything to establish his own marijuana business and move to the outskirts of town, despite his family actively voicing their disapproval. Never one to let reason get in the way, Randy will frequently lash out whenever he is opposed or questioned. A true Aries at heart, Randy is often the cause of his own problems in life. Like many Aries, he has trouble accepting the criticism of others, taking things far too personally and acting out as a result.

Taurus — Sharon Marsh

The long-suffering wife of Randy Marsh, Sharon is pretty much the complete opposite of her husband in every conceivable way. Whereas Randy is known for acting imprudently, Sharon frequently acts not only as the main voice of reason in the Marsh family but perhaps in all of South Park. She's the most grounded, rational, and well-spoken person in town, speaking on subjects from a more logical perspective instead of an emotional one. This all points to Taurus, one of the most famously cautious and wise signs of the zodiac.

Homebodies at heart, Taureans love routine. They crave balance and stability, favoring domestic bliss over a life of unpredictability. This can be most directly spotted in Sharon's opposition to her husband's antics, as seen when she argues with him over his decision to found Tegridy Farms and move the family out to the countryside. She also opposed his other off-the-cuff career changes, such as starting over as a musician, a reality television host, or a professional chef. Like any Taurean, Sharon will quickly express her misgivings about any absurd situation her husband may find himself in, possessing the moral and rational high ground in most of her arguments.

Taureans are notoriously stubborn, never compromising their views and dragging their feet whenever they get thrust into new, unknown settings. They may go along to get along in the end, but they'll constantly let you know their opinions on things, especially when they disagree with you.

Gemini — Eric Cartman

Devious, conniving, megalomaniacal, and self-obsessed, Cartman is the worst and best character in "South Park," if not all of adult animated television history. A rampant sociopath, Cartman is the unapologetically selfish and greedy friend of Kyle, Stan, and Kenny, a kid who is shown to always put himself before others. Vindictive, sadistic, and downright evil at times, he can destroy a person with a single phone call and takes things like harmless childish pranks (such as those pulled by his archenemy, Scott Tenorman) to unhealthy levels.

Cartman may be an exaggeration of all the worst qualities of a Gemini, but he's a Gemini nonetheless. Known for being extroverts, Geminis wear their personalities on their sleeves, coming across as intelligent, exciting people who pick up knowledge easily. Say what you will about Cartman, but for all his terrible deeds, he is undeniably one of the smartest characters in "South Park," regularly exploiting situations to his advantage. Always trying to avoid responsibility for his actions, he's also able to strategize his way out of trouble, frequently framing others (especially Butters) for his misdeeds.

Like Cartman, Geminis are also plagued by intense feelings of impulsiveness, launching into angry tirades with little to no provocation. They're also known for being unreliable and a little too interested in the business of others, two traits one can spot in Cartman, who will go out of his way to betray others, often for amusement alone.

Cancer — Stan Marsh

A voice of reason amid all the surreal chaos of "South Park," Stan Marsh is one of the most relatable characters on the show, a person the audience can naturally connect with. The closest thing "South Park" has to a main character, Stan is an empathetic and caring young man who generally tries to do the right thing. Because of his likable personality and moral attributes, he is also the perfect illustration of a Cancer personality.

Cancers are known for being sensitive and emotional, a sign whose feelings are so vast and far-ranging that they tend to be hurt easily. They are nurturing and loving, possessing strong morals and mature views. They tend to cycle through their complex emotions, sometimes wallowing in self-pity, other times bursting with joy and excitement. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help others, something Stan has done on numerous occasions.

Like his mother, Stan is a homebody — another telltale sign of a Cancer personality. He dislikes change, deriving comfort from what he knows and has come to accept as the norm. He reacts poorly to new situations and settings, lashing out when someone upsets the balance upon which he relies. As evidence of his adherence to Cancer traits, Stan's love for the familiar can be seen numerous times throughout "South Park." Many of the most heated clashes with his father come when Randy tries to upset the established order of things, such as moving the family to a marajuana farm.

Leo — Mr. Garrison

Leos are perhaps the most aggressively in-your-face sign of the zodiac. They possess huge, extroverted personalities, and are famous for being the dominant presence in a room, effortlessly standing out in large crowds. Because of their eccentric quirks and personality traits, they thrive in front of audiences, commanding attention. This could be a classroom full of students as a teacher, or the entire world as the president of the United States.

A wild, brash, ineffective, and hotheaded teacher at South Park Elementary, Mr. Garrison is among the most unstable characters in "South Park," known to fly off the handle. Unprofessional in every sense of the word, Mr. Garrison spends his class time ranting to his students about his personal problems, seeing it more as a place to vent than a place of learning. Mr. Garrison possesses all the negative elements of a Leo personality — he's selfish, erratic, and motivated by self-interest.

Rather than being held back by the responsibilities of his job as an educator (or as the president), Mr. Garrison frequently lets his inner whims inform his actions, allowing his feelings and anger interfere with his work. All of this screams Leo, a sign that would rather be the authority over answering to someone else. They often pursue a life of leisure where their pleasure and happiness comes first and foremost.

Virgo — Wendy Testaburger

Virgos want things a certain way and react poorly whenever they are questioned or undermined. They are intelligent and have great intuition, always focusing on the smallest details of any project they're working on to ensure everything is up to their high standards. These are all qualities that can best be seen in Wendy Testaburger, Stan's on-off girlfriend and perhaps the most rational person at South Park Elementary (teachers included).

Wendy acts very much the same way as Sharon Marsh does around the adults. In school, she is known for being the logical one, frequently calling out Stan and his friends whenever they get into trouble or offend a fellow student. In her mind, a school should be a place of learning, somewhere kids sit still and pay attention to their lessons. Whenever someone goes against that (especially repeat offenders like Cartman), Wendy is usually the one who calls them out.

Like most Virgos, Wendy can sometimes come across as a little too quick to judge, though she just wants what is best for her schoolmates. In typical Virgo fashion, she dwells over the problems of others while not paying enough attention to her own shortcomings. Her approach may need some work, but her heart is in the right place, and Wendy will always back her friends up whenever they need her.

Libra — Mr. Mackey

Mr. Mackey is among the more level-headed and responsible staff members at South Park Elementary. The school's guidance counselor constantly tries to lend a helping hand to students, offering them a chance to confide in him and share their issues. Though he has never been taken seriously by the students, he remains an accessible, well-intentioned man who appears to legitimately care about the health and safety of the kids. This firmly aligns him with the Libra sign.

Librans are compassionate and love to help others. They are empathetic and the ideal mediators in any conflict, skillfully deescalating stressful situations. Symbolized by the scales, they thrive on balance, always searching for a way to achieve harmony in the world. They dislike conflict, opting to seek out peaceful resolutions. These are all qualities that can be directly applied to Mr. Mackey, through his job as a guidance counselor and also through his generally helpful attitude.

As is the case with every zodiac sign, Librans are not without their negative traits. As seen with someone like Mackey, they tend to be indecisive, fearful of being alone, and slightly prone to fantasy. They are overly positive to a fault, frequently exhausting themselves as a result. They are so concerned with the emotions of others that they never examine their own, letting others make their decisions for them.

Scorpio — Kyle Broflovski

Like his best friend Stan, Kyle Broflovski is often a voice of reason. When presented with a moral choice, Kyle will do what he feels is right. What sets the two friends apart is that Kyle can go about this in a combative manner. Like the Scorpio sign he best personifies, Kyle can be rather upfront, bringing an intensity to everything he does. He can also be overly sensitive, relying on his feelings to dictate his actions.

Scorpios are a fascinating bunch who rely on unbiased logic to guide them through life. Getting to know them can be difficult as they often erect walls to keep others out. However, once you penetrate that barrier, you'll be able to connect with them on a more meaningful level. They are complex beings of profound intelligence and sensitivity, although they initially come across as aloof and abrasive.

One thing all Scorpios have in common is that they need to be in control. They ask a lot of questions, both out of curiosity and to gather their own takes on a subject, preferring to be the one posing questions rather than letting others question them. Their biggest fear is exposing themselves too much emotionally, which they see as a weakness. As a result, they are typically closed off, feeling that if they don't show any emotion in a conversation, they'll remain in control — something that can be seen in many of Cartman and Kyle's numerous arguments throughout "South Park."

Sagittarius — Jimmy Valmer

Sagittarians love life and all its endless possibilities. To them, every day presents new and exciting opportunities. They are fiercely independent and always want to do things according to their own rules, never letting others tell them what they can or can't do. They dislike responsibility, seeing it as something that holds them back and prevents them from living their most fulfilling life. No "South Park" character better suits these attributes than Jimmy Valmer.

A charismatic, optimistic, outgoing student at South Park Elementary, Jimmy is arguably the most upbeat kid in "South Park." He never lets his physical condition hold him back or decide his future, nor does he see himself as any less able than his fellow students. Jimmy bravely forages ahead, taking new avenues in life and enjoying every moment. These are all things related to the Sagittarius sign.

Sagittarians are the risk-takers of the zodiac. They are adventurers who love to take on challenges, never balking at the odds they face. They are in touch with who they are and what they want, setting out to accomplish as many of their goals as possible. They are friendly, intuitive, wise, extroverted, and will always choose pleasure over business. Some see them as being too aspirational, but they simply have high hopes. When Jimmy sets his sights on something, he will achieve it more often than not, which is just one of the things fans love about him.

Capricorn — Kenny McCormick

The definition of a strong, silent type, Kenny McCormick is one of Stan and Kyle's best friends. Though he doesn't say much, almost always mumbling his responses through his bundled-up parka, Kenny is still one of the more sympathetic characters in "South Park." While he's arguably the most foul-mouthed of the kids (which is no mean feat), he's also one of the most selfless, going out of his way to help others — even sacrificing his life to do so in "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut."

Kenny displays many characteristics associated with the Capricorn sign. Capricorns are perfectionists by nature, forever competing against themselves. They are plagued by feelings of inferiority, seeing themselves as less than everyone else. To compensate for this, they believe they have to work harder than their peers, committing themselves wholly to their goals and working tirelessly to achieve them.

Growing up in a lower-income household, Kenny battles insecurities about his family's financial situation. Despite facing disadvantages, he becomes a Nobel Prize-winning scientist whose discoveries change the world in a future timeline. Hardworking, intrepid, and self-reliant, Kenny is the perfect example of a Capricorn — a person who spends more time completing tasks rather than simply talking about them. For all his hard work, however, Kenny (like any Capricorn) is also not above enjoying the fruits of his labor and is shown to be a fun-loving young man who is always ready to have a good time.

Aquarius — Towelie

People born under the Aquarius sign defy the norm, sure to be one of the most unique individuals in the room. There's never a dull moment when you're in the presence of an Aquarian, which is something that can certainly be said of Towelie. An anthropomorphic towel created in a government lab, Towelie is a marijuana-smoking drifter who sometimes shows up at random in South Park to dispense words of wisdom to the residents (almost always related to towels) or to offer them a chance to smoke with him.

One of the strangest beings in "South Park" history, Towelie is the ideal example of an Aquarian in the context of the show. Just like the actual species Towelie belongs to, Aquarians are known for being difficult to sum up or accurately describe. They embody numerous roles in life, embracing their contradictions and character quirks, which they see as traits that make them stand out rather than flaws.

Aquarians are always friendly and empathetic, willing to put the needs of others before their own. Like any air sign, they can be a little absentminded at times. They generally put more value on their individual experiences in life rather than on actual intelligence, making them more streetwise than most. They are honest and genuinely good people who love to help others, a characteristic anyone can spot with Towelie, who goes out of his way to give tips on towel safety as well as assisting Randy in the early days of Tegridy Farms.

Pisces — Butters Stotch

The most ethereal of the zodiac signs, Pisces are wondrous individuals whose existence blends fiction and reality. Pisces are abnormally wise, practically transcending the material world. In their minds, the world exists as one interconnected entity, each of us a moving part in a complex puzzle. This informs their worldview, making them mature but also somehow able to possess profound innocence and naivety. When it comes down to it, there's no one more innocent in "South Park" than Butters, a lovable, caring, continuously positive student at South Park Elementary.

Prone to imagination and playfulness, Butters has an optimistic view of the world where everyone is happy and positive all the time. Unfortunately, this idealistic mindset only ends up hurting him, as he has difficulty realizing how cruel, dangerous, and manipulative others can be — especially Cartman. While Butters may not be the most book-smart character in "South Park," he's wise beyond his years in terms of emotional intelligence. He knows what makes him happy and sticks to that, and he always tries to avoid conflict unless he's pulled into a fight.

For Pisces signs like Butters, the world is rarely a place of suffering. Butters regularly filters negative moments so that they appear in a more positive light. He's also shown to be creative and artistic, spending his time happily playing in his own imaginative world, even when no one else wants to hang out with him — another telltale sign of a Pisces.