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The Jimmy Episode South Park Fans Really Want To See

"South Park" has a wide array of memorable characters, but few of them are as optimistic as Jimmy. Originally introduced as a rival to Timmy in Season 5's "Cripple Fight" episode, he quickly became friends with his former foe and has since gone on to become a firm fan favorite. In a town that's full of questionable characters, Jimmy is a constant source of joy, support, morals, and laughs. He's also ambitious and dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian, which has led to him putting on some entertaining shows for his friends and fellow townsfolk. 

Of course, Jimmy has misbehaved from time to time, but living in South Park has that effect on everyone. In Season 8's "Up the Down Steroid," he decides to become a weightlifter and train for the Special Olympics, only to end up taking steroids and lashing out at people. It's one of the few episodes to revolve around Jimmy, and its 8.5 rating on IMDb suggests that fans enjoy episodes that center around the character.

It's inevitable that Matt Stone and Trey Parker will make more episodes about Jimmy down the line. That said, if they need some inspiration, some "South Park" fans have shared some ideas for what the next Jimmy-centric episode should entail.

South Park fans want Jimmy to try medical marijuana

As mentioned earlier, "South Park" has already depicted the negative effects that certain substances have had on Jimmy's personality. With that in mind, some fans from the show's subreddit have proposed a Jimmy-centric substance-themed episode with a positive spin. In short, the idea is to have him try medical marijuana to help treat his cerebral palsy.

The general consensus among the fans is that Jimmy blazing up would be both hilarious and tie into the show's trend of exploring topical ideas. "I know they already did one [medical marijuana] episode, but the idea of Jimmy lighting up seems too good to pass up. Plus, it'd be nice to see them put a positive spin on the medicinal benefits of marijuana," u/pancakesandspam wrote. Redditor u/UnicornBestFriend echoed this sentiment, writing, "Love this, especially since marijuana has been shown to alleviate symptoms of CP!"

In addition to helping with his cerebral palsy, some fans believe that Jimmy using the plant-based narcotic could inspire his stand-up comedy and other creative endeavors. "He gains the ability to write better jokes. But when he sobers up he hates what he reads so never uses his good material," u/XXX-XXX-XXX added.