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This Major Character Death On The Blacklist Was A Total Disappointment

The NBC series "The Blacklist" is one of the longer-running series currently on the air, as it has been running for nine seasons, with a Season 10 set to arrive in the latter half of 2022. The NBC show, which was created by Jon Bokenkamp, focuses on the character of Raymond Reddington, who goes by Red, and is played by James Spader, who narrowly beat out several other big-name performers to win the role. Red gives himself up to the FBI to begin the series, claiming that he can help the bureau take down dangerous criminals in return for immunity.

The series has been notable for its twists and turns over the years, even leading to some characters going from guest appearances to mainstays. However, viewers haven't always responded positively to big changes on the show, as a result. In 2021, a major character death during the show's Season 8 run was one such source of disappointment to a number of fans.

Redditors were not happy with the way Liz Keen was killed off

Over on the subreddit r/TheBlackList, Reddit user u/FromZtoB expressed unhappiness in a June 2021 post over the way the character of Elizabeth "Liz" Keen (played by Megan Boone) was killed, effectively ending her time on the show. "I did not think they would actually kill Liz. Shot though [sic] the heart from behind by Townsend's goon. That's it? Poor Ressler, who has loved her for years, is the first to find her dead??" FromZtoB went on to add that they may no longer watch the show, finishing with, "I wanted to see her character redeemed, not murdered."

Redditor u/arcelios echoed these sentiments, responding to another user's theory about Liz's death being a ruse. They remarked, "I hope it's another ruse because even THAT cheap trick once again ... would still be better than whatever happened in that Season 8 finale." U/Adas_Legend declared the finale heartbreaking, adding that not only did Liz not deserve the way she died in the episode, but that it would be unduly satisfying for viewers of the show who disliked her character. Then, U/kattahn disputed the last claim, replying, "I'm a Liz hater who wanted her off the show, but this episode was dogs*** and not satisfying for anyone."

Finally, Reddit user u/ZannaTacos agreed with the initial poster's disappointment. They also stated that this death numbed their excitement for the show going forward, saying that Liz and Red working together previously in the series was a highlight and that they had hoped the two characters would get to a place where they could do that again.

Boone once spoke about the toll of shooting The Blacklist

Megan Boone had been a lead cast member of "The Blacklist" since the show's debut in 2013, with the character's death coming in the show's eighth season finale. The announcement of Boone's departure from the show was made by Deadline in June 2021, after the series had received a renewal for its ninth season, though the show's creative team said that the decision was made ahead of the show's renewal. It was also apparently a mutual decision, per the outlet. 

Following Liz's death, Boone also posted a tribute to the character and show on Instagram, saying she was grateful to the cast, crew, and viewers. "The Blacklist" creator Jon Bokenkamp also thanked her on Twitter, writing, "I couldn't be more proud of what we've built together."

In an April 2014 interview with Missouri affiliate News Channel 5, Boone spoke about the show's grueling schedule during the show's first season, expressing how it had taken a toll on her. "I don't think people really know, I certainly didn't, what goes into making a one-hour drama it's kind of crazy. You see quick flashes. It's all edited together. It looks real slick and engaging and we're in the middle of a snow bank for 12 hours some days, so the glamour kind of wears off at times." The interview also revealed that each episode could take up to nine days of shooting, with Boone adding, "I think I work more now than I used to be awake during the day."