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The Beloved Disney Characters Fans Think Deserve Their Own Movie

Since changing the game with films like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and "Pinnochio," Walt Disney Animation Studios has been the leader in family entertainment the world over. The wide array of fantastical adventures, touching stories, and memorable songs produced by the company over the decades remains unmatched by any other studio in scope and quality. 

Another part of the equation that has helped Disney remain so relevant is its vast library of lovable characters. We all know the typical Disney archetypes, like princesses, talking animals, handsome heroes, devious villains, and a few good comic relief characters here and there. Sure, you can complain that it's already been done, but for a studio that has continued to attract audiences for nearly 90 years, it's a safe bet that the formula doesn't need fixing anytime soon.

One Disney archetype that doesn't get as much attention as some of the others is the wise elderly figure. Whether it's the fairy godmother from "Cinderella," the three fairies in "Sleeping Beauty," or Mufasa in "The Lion King," some of Disney's most memorable characters are older and provide guidance to our heroes. Imagining Disney without them is almost impossible. The few fans who noticed this got to chatting about which ones would make for an awesome spinoff crossover.

Gramma Tala, Grandmother Fa, and Grandmother Willow need a spinoff

A now-deleted user on Reddit posted images of Gramma Tala from "Moana," Grandmother Willow from "Pocahontas," and Grandmother Fa from "Mulan," suggesting that the three should have their own movie. Fans immediately responded with enthusiasm.

The top-rated comment by u/KesInTheCity expressed great interest, who said it would be "Like the Disney version of Golden Girls." U/Sparkles0589 couldn't contain their excitement, saying, "Yesssss sassy grandmas for the win!" Another deleted user also weighed in, imagining how great the soundtrack would be, given that all three characters are featured in some of the studio's best-known musical productions.

Other commenters tried envisioning what the film's story could be like, with a largely spiritual angle. U/TheTriniTrin says, "What if all Disney grandmas are the same soul and they just move on to other Disney worlds when they 'die'!" U/PANICitsASHY fleshes it out more, saying, "They could all be connected spiritually and seek comfort in one another as they help guide their family through each of [their] journeys."

Why only stop at just three? Redditors like u/Jtsprz, u/X_TOH, and u/Disneyaubrey suggest bringing in Mama Coco ("Coco"), Tanana ("Brother Bear ”), and Mama Odie (”The Princess and the Frog"). With these feisty, wise, and all-powerful women taking to the screen, it would offer a nice diversion from your typical youth-led Disney flick. With an audience age range that skews mostly towards younger and middle-aged individuals (via Insider Intelligence) this idea could ask audiences to step into the shoes of a different generation, allowing for a wide range of storytelling possibilities to be explored. The adventures they'd go on would be anything but sedentary, and we're more than here for it.