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Chicago PD Fans Would Never Want To Sit Across The Interrogation Table From This Character

The tough cops of NBC's "Chicago P.D." are notorious for their ability to crack some heads to make inroads for their dangerous, often drug-laden cases. The show went gory during Season 9 to show just how dangerous life on the streets for the folks in blue can be. Multiple "Chicago P.D." characters have died tragically and violently on-screen, and the show's central figures have sought vengeance for those deaths in ways that have been shocking. Sometimes things can get very out of hand in "the cage" — the show's nickname for the blue-lit hot box where cops extract info from criminals. 

Many fans of "Chicago P.D." are definitely savvy enough to know that they wouldn't want to end up in "the cage,"  even if their favorite character was the one questioning them, but it's still fun to imagine what one would do in such a situation. Fans hanging out on the show's subreddit have gathered to ask each other which of the show's officers they'd rather avoid during an interrogation. And if you're a devotee of the folks in blue who comprise the squad on "Chicago P.D.," the most popular answer may come as no surprise.

Fans wouldn't want to tangle with Hank Voight

It's hard to argue against the many, many responses one character raked in when u/iloveonechicago asked the "Chicago P.D." subreddit which member of the team they would and wouldn't most want to have interrogated them. Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) came out at the top of the "no thank you" pack. 

That should be shocking to fans obsessed with the drama. After all, Voight — in spite of his devotion to the law and genuine caring about justice — is the same guy who doesn't mind going above the law if he thinks it'll get a criminal in jail. He sometimes pushes his fellow officers to go far beyond the limits of the law to get what they need for a case. Or if it just plain offers any of them a chance at revenge. This is the guy who threatened a suspected perp with an iron fire poker during interrogation in Episode 3 of Season 3, "Actual Physical Violence." That's just one of many incidents where Voight applied a little extra ultraviolence to some already hairy situations. The man has committed murder in the name of justice and seems apt to do it again.

Fans overwhelmingly picked the character as the one they least wanted to tangle with in "the box."  "Regardless if I did it or not I would not want Voight for obvious reasons," wrote u/vicvinegar212, exemplifying the many fans who wouldn't want to get on Voight's bad side, with tons of them remarking upon his willingness to hit and otherwise hurt suspects.

But a few fans actually selected Voight as the cop they'd prefer to interrogate them, pointing out that he cares about women and about the truth and would treat them well if they're innocent.

Jason Beghe admits that Hank Voight has an impact on his real-life worldview

Does playing a tough, no-nonsense cop affect how you see the world? Per an interview The Wrap conducted with Beghe and Kim Burgess actress Marina Squerciati in April 2022, playing Voight has definitely affected the way he sees life and those around him, and he tries to bring a bit of his own personality to the character.

"I think of Hank Voight as a person in my life," he told the website. "[W]hen I create a character like this, it's just like any close relationship, there's a give and a take. He influences me and I influence him. So they're kind of knit together in a way." The actor added that while Voight is a part of his personality, he doesn't carry the character's bad moods around with him.

While the actor's never weighed in on whether or not he'd let Hank Voight interrogate him, it definitely seems as if he's aware of just how tough his character can be.