My 600-Lb Life Fans Weighed In On The Most Depressing Moment In Season 7

The TLC reality program "My 600-lb Life" has been a source of countless inspiring stories since it premiered in 2012. The series sees morbidly obese individuals from all walks of life embark on a weight loss journey with the help of Texas-based bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Despite the immense physical, mental, and emotional hurdles the participants must endure to reach their goals, many experience inspiring victories they never dreamed possible. Seeing them reach their new lease on life is eye-opening, to say the least.

However, not everyone who appears on the show is so lucky. Despite the number of battles won throughout the series, there have also been some notable losses. Some simply find the pressure of making such drastic lifestyle changes too challenging, others make excuses for their inability to keep going, and some are simply kicked out of the program. Others face even greater tragedies during or after the show that can be hard to stomach. One of these individuals from Season 7 stands out from the rest and has had fans talking.

Kelly Mason met a depressing end

Featured in Episode 13 of Season 7, Kelly Mason led a tragic life. Neglectful family members, sexual abuse, and the death of her child at seven months contributed to her 700-pound weight and health problems. She made solid progress, but her family refused to look after her, and she had to stay in rehab. She died on February 15, 2019, of heart failure, making her the second person to die while participating in the show.

Fans found Kelly's story especially heartbreaking. A Reddit thread created by u/drunken_therapist asked what they thought was the show's most depressing moment. U/luvduvbunny brought up Kelly, saying, "She was really sad because she was half of her body weight, died right before her birthday, and was signing up to go back to school. She was getting her life back on track and next thing we know, she unfortunately had a heart attack."

Many were quick to respond. U/Aclockworkmina says, "One of the few episodes that made me cry! She was always so sweet to Dr. Now too and never gave attitude." U/Working_Career_6254 comments, "I couldn't watch that one all the way through ... I liked her so much right from the beginning. It was so sad."

Others were upset given the work Kelly put into losing weight. U/Skuncan comments that they were rooting for Kelly after seeing her effort. Similarly, u/Dazarune comments, "So many people on this show make excuse after excuse and never really change ... It was so depressing to [see] someone who was ready and willing to put in the work lose the chance to change their life." As tragic as Kelly's story was, it's nice to know that the love fans have for her will keep help her spirit alive.

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