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The Final Professor Marston And The Wonder Women Trailer Is Here

Luke Evans faces backlash as the creator of Wonder Woman in the final trailer for the upcoming biopic Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. In the film, Evans plays William Moulton Marston, a psychologist and inventor who created Diana Prince in 1941.

The latest trailer begins with Marston talking with his wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), and his student and lover Olive (Bella Heathcote) about some of his ideas for the character. "I'm going to eject my ideas right into the thumping hearts of America," he says, before describing Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, and Paradise Island. 

The two seem very confused and begin to question the biggest parts of Wonder Woman's identity, but Marston holds strong. "Bill, we love you, truly, but nobody, and I say this with all the compassion and truth in my heart, nobody will ever publish this," Elizabeth tells him when he is finished.

Ultimately, though, someone does agree to publish it, although Marston does so under the pseudonym Charles Moulton. The comic immediately sets off a lot of controversy, much of which is put into words by Connie Britton's Josette Frank. "Dr. Marston, you are an esteemed psychologist with considerable accomplishments," she says to him. "Most notably, the invention of the lie detector test... Why don't you write Wonder Woman under your real name?"

Marston defends his publishings by saying he writes what he sees about the women he knows. "Beautiful, brilliant, ferocious," he says, as images of Elizabeth and Olive flick by. "They have the power within themselves to create their own destiny." "What is powerful about a woman running around in a bathing suit?" counters Frank.

The trailer then shows how difficult Marston's unconventional relationships can be, with the film focusing heavily on the love story between the trio, according to director Angela Robinson. "War, violence, hatred," Marston says at the end of the trailer. "The path to peace is not through finance or politics. It is to solve the problems of man's heart. That's why we need Wonder Woman." 

Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman hits theaters on Oct. 13.