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Professor Marston And The Wonder Women Trailer Released

Luke Evans is the creator of Wonder Woman in the first trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. In the film, which was briefly introduced with a cryptic teaser before the character's big screen adventure earlier this summer, Evans plays William Moulton Marston, a psychologist and inventor who created Diana Prince in 1941.

The trailer begins with Marston talking to Connie Britton's character about the first comics he published featuring Diana, all of which were published under the pseudonym Charles Moulton. "Why don't you write Wonder Woman under your real name?" Britton's character asks. "Because most Americans have a low opinion of comic book writers? Or is it something else?" 

It then flashes to Marston's life as a professor, where he teaches his students that the best way to be happy is to be submissive to a loving authority. Marston decides to practice this theory on one of his former students, Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote), who his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) agrees to allow to live with them. Olive and Elizabeth quickly develop a relationship of their own, but having her in their house still complicates things for Elizabeth and Marston. "Do you think it's possible to love two people at the same time?" Elizabeth asks. "Why not?" Marston replies.

Olive is clearly a big part of Marston's inspiration for Wonder Woman, as he even at one point dresses her in the character's classic costume. However, despite his pursuit of female empowerment with the character, there is clearly also a lot of controversial pieces of her identity. "Dr. Marston, every issue of Wonder Woman is filled with violence, torture, and sadomasochism," Britton's character says. "This abnormal behavior in your comic is reckless."

"Wonder Woman has a secret identity. Why is that?" Britton's character continues. "She has to hid her true self from a man's world," Marston replies. "What would happen if Wonder Woman's secret identity was revealed?" Britton's character replies. "Everything would be lost," answers Marston. "I wonder if you're the one with a secret identity," Britton's character counters.

Oliver Platt also stars in the film, which was written and directed by D.E.B.S.' Angela Robinson. The film is set to be released on Oct. 27, but if you're curious about Marston's complex life, there is no need to wait– we already have a breakdown of everything you need to know about the mysterious Wonder Woman creator.