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Westworld Season 4 Trailer Is Worth The Wait

Philosophy. Robots. And a whole bunch of flies. 

"Westworld" makes its glorious return later this month, and it's been a long wait for fans of the heady science-fiction series. Season 3 debuted in March 2020, meaning it's been well over two years since we've seen any further developments in the realm of artificial intelligence in this cyberpunk world. When last we left these characters, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) had sacrificed herself in order to stop Serac (Vincent Cassel). But death is often only the beginning in this world, and there are grander machinations in place for Wood's presence in the future of this series. 

"Westworld" remains one of the most groundbreaking series currently airing, and while the Season 4 trailer is cryptic and doesn't give away much in terms of what fans can expect for this next batch of episodes, it properly sets the tone and includes a banger of a song to get fans hyped for the next installment.

It's the day the world went away for Westworld

The "Westworld" Season 4 trailer immediately confirms that Evan Rachel Wood isn't done with this show just yet. Dolores may be gone, but in the latest installment, the actress will portray a writer named Christina. And while she may be new to the proceedings, her voiceover monologue suggests that she understands there's something deeply wrong with existence, implying she'll have an even larger role to play moving forward.

The rest of the trailer consists of other characters talking, waxing philosophical about the roles of man and machine on the planet and how destruction seems to be the name of the game for any entity. All of this is set to the tune of "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails. It's an appropriate track given the show's use of other rock songs, like "No Surprises" by Radiohead and "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden in previous seasons.

You won't want to miss the latest season of "Westworld" when it debuts on HBO and HBO Max on June 26.