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The Chicago P.D. Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

After the success of his NBC firefighter procedural "Chicago Fire," television producer Dick Wolf expanded his Windy City universe with "Chicago P.D." ("CPD" for short). The show follows the intelligence unit of the Chicago P.D., led by Sergeant Henry "Hank" Voight (Jason Beghe) and consisting of an elite group of detectives who work with criminal informants, run undercover operations, and use any means necessary to eliminate crime in their city. Several main characters have come and gone along the way, but every single one of them has made a mark on the show and stood out for different talents, values, and weaknesses.

"Chicago P.D." has a robust ensemble cast, and every member of the unit has forged a unique narrative throughout their time on the show. Whether you relate more to stubborn and talented Detective Erin Lindsay, playful and impulsive Detective Adam Ruzek, or another CPD IU team member past or present, everyone can find a little bit of themselves represented in this part of NBC's One Chicago crime juggernaut. Not quite sure which "CPD" crime fighter matches your personality? Never fear, our guide to "Chicago P.D." characters for every sign of the zodiac is here. Looper has looked at many seasons' worth of choices from a dozen different characters to see how each one embodies a distinct zodiac sign.

Aries: Det. Alvin Olinsky

Detective Alvin Olinsky was a valued and hotheaded member of the CPD IU for five seasons. Like an Aries, Alvin spends much of his time cutting to the heart of the matter, and in that way provides an important foil to the more analytical members of the unit. While his bluntness can sometimes rub people the wrong way, as it did for fellow detective Antonio Dawson in Season 1 Episode 13 "My Way," when Alvin asked him how he felt being stuck in a room with his son's kidnapper, it ultimately comes from a place of admirable authenticity. Sometimes, though,  Alvin, like any Aries, does use his powers of provocation to put deserving people in their place. For example, in Season 2 Episode 1 "Call It Macaroni," Alvin seeks his own form of vengeance against a violent criminal by having him transferred to a prison where his life will be in danger from a secondary victim of his crimes. Alvin's anger comes from a fierce love for and desire to protect the people in his life that matter, especially his family. Alvin is a great father and friend, and exactly the kind of person you'd want on your side in a fight.

Taurus: Det. Antonio Dawson

Detective Antonio Dawson is the even-headed, down-to-earth member of the CPD IU who often represents the voice of reason, especially for his sergeant, Hank Voight. Antonio's reasonable nature is a classic Earth sign trait, and his glib humor (In Season 2 Episode 2 "Get My Cigarettes," he makes a particularly dark joke about a hit placed on his coworker Jay Halstead) and family-oriented values align perfectly with the steadfast, home-loving zodiac ram, Taurus. In Season 5 Episode 3 "Promise," Antonio faces a choice between his devotion to his family and Latinx community and to upholding the law. Antonio makes the good choices that Hank can't always make, and in that same vein, Hank makes the morally questionable choices that Antonio is too stubborn to turn to despite his overarching loyalties to values that aren't always honored by the law. Antonio is a devoted father and, just like a Taurus, he will always put his home life above everything else, though he never uses this as an excuse to slack off on his other duties.

Gemini: Det. Adam Ruzek

Adam Ruzek is playful, versatile, and impulsive; he is the embodiment of a Gemini. "CPD" Season 1 Episode 1, "Stepping Stone," includes the recruitment of police academy trainee Adam Ruzek straight from an exercise to the Intelligence Unit. Ruzek, resourceful and capable of seeing many different means to an end, immediately catches the eye of Alvin and Hank after utilizing an unconventional method to prevent a suicide shooter from discharging his weapon in an academy training simulation. He is often of multiple minds and perspectives at once, both personally (in Season 1 Episode 10 "At Least It's Justice," Ruzek engages in a passionate kiss with Officer Kim Burgess while still engaged to another woman) and professionally (he works as a mole in the Intelligence Unit for much of Season 5). Like many Geminis, however, he also often makes up for any ensuing sour feelings with charm and a desire to excel in everything he does. His impulsivity can sometimes get him in trouble, but it also indicates that he isn't two-faced — as is commonly (wrongly) thought of Geminis — but rather genuinely multi-faceted.

Cancer: Det. Jay Halstead

Detective Jay Halstead is the emotional heart and compass of the CPD Intelligence Unit, and thus a perfect representation of the zodiac's Cancer. He is idealistic and believes in justice, and even when he wanders from the legal path, as is the case with the man who murdered his ex-girlfriend's brother, he does so with an extraordinary amount of love and emotion in his heart, and he never lets himself forget. Like a Cancer, Jay can sometimes hide in his shell in order to protect himself and his sensitive heart; a perfect example of this can be found in Season 8, Episode 3 "Tender Age," in which he only confesses his romantic feelings for Hailey after she takes the leap and does it first. But once a Cancer has decided to open themselves up to a partner or friend, they are exceptionally loyal and dependable. After telling Hailey he loves her in Season 8, Episode 11 "Signs of Violence," Jay also tells her that she can take her time saying it back — he's not going to abandon her because of her baggage. Jay is a great partner and detective, and allows himself to be guided — but not controlled — by his emotions.

Leo: Det. Kevin Atwater

Kevin Atwater began as a uniformed officer for the 21st District in Season 1 of "Chicago P.D.," but he quickly rose through the ranks and joined the Intelligence Unit due to his reliability, talent, and ambition. He is a star in the CPD — and the embodiment of a Leo. His skill is often staggering, especially when he goes undercover in Season 6, Episode 13 "Night in Chicago," and Season 7, Episode 20 "Silence of the Night." He knows how to play to his strengths and stand out, but most importantly he's proud of his work accomplishments and noble in everything he does. He's been a guardian to his younger sisters for the majority of his life, their caretaker and protector, and he is a natural leader — responsible and reliable. Kevin is most like a Leo, though, when his integrity shines. In Season 5, Episode 12 "Captive," Kevin is abducted by the father of a man he killed, and rather than attempt to get out of the situation, he comes clean and explains his remorse. Kevin has a heart, brain, and attitude of gold.

Virgo: Sgt. Trudy Platt

Sergeant Trudy Platt is competent, stern, and very tough on the uniformed officers she supervises. She has the drive and ability of a Virgo, but she also has a Virgo's sharp tongue and tendency to intimidate. For much of the early seasons of the show, Trudy often butt heads with then-officer Kim Burgess, maligning Kim's tendency to center emotions over protocol and logic when considering a dilemma. She doesn't take the high road when an officer disagrees with her either, usually assigning undesirable equipment, squad cars, and beats to uniformed officers who have gone against her in some way. Like a Virgo, she isn't likely to admit it when she's in the wrong, but at the same time, she's not in the wrong very often. In Season 4, Episode 3 "All Cylinders Firing," Trudy shows that she's tough inside and out after surviving an attack and later exacting revenge on the person responsible for her father's death. Like any Virgo, her determination can take Trudy just about anywhere she wants to go.

Libra: Det. Hailey Upton

Even though Detective Hailey Upton didn't join "Chicago P.D." until Season 4, she's still an integral member of the Intelligence Unit and a well-developed, complex character. Hailey has an unwavering desire to seek justice in everything, often balancing the scales of truth for her unit, just like any good Libra. Libras value honesty and justice, but as air signs, they are still able to see nuance in many situations and understand that what is right and what is wrong is not always simple. Libras like Hailey balance truth, justice, and personal values in order to reach an end they can live with, as is the case in episodes like Season 5, Episode 4 "Snitch," and Season 5, Episode 6 "Fallen." In matters of love, Hailey is passionate and loyal, and while she can be indecisive for a long time, she's also like a Libra in that once she makes a decision and chooses a romantic partner, she's devoted to them. Ultimately, it's Hailey who reveals her feelings first to Jay in Season 8, Episode 3 "Tender Age," and who passionately proposes marriage later on when she realizes that she never wants to be without him. 

Scorpio: Det. Erin Lindsay

Erin Lindsay grew up with an unreliable mother and unforgiving circumstances, and because she was and always has been adaptable, guarded, and tough, she survived her childhood and later thrived as a detective for the CPD Intelligence Unit. She's a Scorpio through and through, down to her ability to feel things very deeply, even if she doesn't always show it. Throughout her time in the unit, Erin often empathizes with survivors of difficult circumstances, as they remind her of her own early struggles. In Season 1, Episode 4 "Now Is Always Temporary," Erin works to help a young drug addict named Nadia to turn over a new leaf, going above and beyond her role as a detective. Sometimes, though, Erin feels and empathizes so deeply that she uses her composed and guarded exterior to cross ethical lines as a means to an end. For example, in Season 4, Episode 23 "Fork in the Road," Erin temporarily loses her badge after she violently beats a suspect for information, and even though she's exonerated, she decides to leave Chicago for a fresh start.

Sagittarius: Ofc. Sean Roman

A Sagittarius is usually independent, calculating, and more committed to higher ideas, structures, and values than emotions — all attributes that could be used to describe Officer Sean Roman. When he first arrived at the 21st police district of Chicago, he was partnered with then-Officer Kim Burgess in Season 2, Episode 2 "Get My Cigarettes," and standoffish, individualistic Sean immediately butted heads with kind, compassionate Kim. After a time, however, the two warmed up to each other, and it became clear that Sean cared enough to use his cleverness and bold decision-making to uphold the law and protect the innocent. In Season 2, Episode 20 "The Three Gs," Sean overcomes every obstacle to transport a young woman to the hospital after she sustains a gunshot wound — even getting into an altercation with other officers. After sustaining a permanently disabling injury, Sean moved on from the CPD to his next adventure, something that would be an exciting prospect for any independent, savvy Sagittarius. 

Capricorn: Sgt. Hank Voight

Sergeant Hank Voight is the leader of the CPD Intelligence Unit, not because of his ambition or ability to play political games, but because of his determination to get things done by whatever means possible. He's an authentic man and a hard worker, and he serves as the unglamorous yet essential spine of the Intelligence Unit, much like the role filled by Capricorn in the zodiac. 

Capricorns don't play games or put on airs, and what Hank lacks in charm he makes up for in force of will. Many view him as simply ruthless, but he has a generous side, too, often going out of his way to provide second chances to young, troubled survivors and suspects who show promise, just as he did with Detective Erin Lindsay, whom he took in as a teenager. in Season 4, Episode 23 "Fork in the Road," he comes full circle with Erin and helps her make another new start, proving his consistency and desire to do good. Any Capricorn leader knows they need to surround themselves with people whose strengths make up for their weaknesses, and that's why so many of the people who work for Hank are so different from him. He needs emotional and ethical perspectives, and while he doesn't always agree with them, he always hears them out.

Aquarius: Det. Vanessa Rojas

Detective Vanessa Rojas wasn't a member of the Intelligence Unit for long, but just like an Aquarius, she came, made an excellent impression, and moved on to her next chapter. She was introduced in Season 7, Episode 2 "Assets" as a tough, intelligent, and street-smart undercover officer. The team was quickly impressed by Vanessa's tenacity and intuition (hallmark Aquarius traits) and she joined soon after being offered a spot on the unit. 

Sometimes, an Aquarius can become so ungrounded that they don't have a safe place to land, and their reluctance to ask for help in these situations can be a big weakness. After noticing that Vanessa didn't have a real, safe place to live, Hailey offered the spare room in her apartment, so Vanessa was able to lay down a few more roots than she usually dared to. She impressed Hank, Hailey, Kevin, and the rest of the team with her ability to think quickly and understand the dynamics at play in a given situation, but before she could become too entrenched in the IU, she was off to face another challenge. An Aquarius wouldn't be an Aquarius if they weren't a little restless and mysterious.

Pisces: Det. Kim Burgess

Detective Kim Burgess' most notable trait was her compassion, long before she joined the CPD Intelligence Unit and worked as a uniformed officer. Her kindness and emotional intelligence all make her a standard-bearer for the sign of Pisces. In Season 1, Episode 5 "Thirty Balloons," Kim and her then-partner Kevin Atwater respond to a call about a robbery to find a woman who's just trying to steal food in order to feed her children. Rather than arrest her, Kim gives the mother money to pay for the food, and this later ends up rewarding her — nobody has karma quite like a Pisces. 

Even though other members of the CPD often view Kim's compassion as a weakness, she knows it's one of her greatest strengths, and never lets it get in the way of her ability to do her job. Kim, like a Pisces, feels her feelings deeply and expresses her emotions openly, and this is especially personified by her passionate, on-again, off-again romantic relationship with Adam. She's someone who wants to trust people, and even though she's been burned in the past, she still ultimately takes an optimistic approach to life and her relationships with others.