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The Hilarious Way Supernatural Fans Want To See Cas Live On

Despite the undeniable brotherly love between Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins) is arguably the true MVP of "Supernatural." First introduced in Season 4 as the angel that pulls Dean from perdition, Cas goes from an intimidating warrior of God to a hilarious addition to Team Free Will. His inability to understand basic human concepts such as phone etiquette and his partnership with Dean ensured that he would stick around for a long while.

However, not everyone gets a happy ending. After 15 seasons and after 300 episodes, Cas' tenure on the series came to an end after that significant love confession to Dean. The ship known as Destiel became canon but was noticeably one-sided and ultimately short-lived. Cas is sent to the Empty with no real catharsis for anyone. Despite the disappointing end to "Supernatural," the legacy lives on for many fans. The love for Cas never dies, and some fans have an idea of how to best honor their favorite angel.

Cas' memorable voice should be revived for navigation

After Dean finds himself free of Hell in Season 4, he comes to realize that he wasn't saved by accident. Everywhere he goes, he is followed by the devastation of glass breaking and rooms shaking. He soon comes to realize that was Cas trying to communicate with him after resurrecting him. Since then, Cas' deep voice mixed with oddball humor has been a staple of the character. And now that "Supernatural" has ended, fans have the perfect idea of how to bring Cas back: Through voice navigation.

In one thread, a Redditor reposted a meme from an unknown source that stated, "I would pay good money for a navigation voiced by Cas." Others pivoted off that idea, suggesting the types of things that Cas would be prompted to say: "I-I don't understand. Why did you not turn when I told you to?" Many agreed that the idea is inspired. Cas' unfamiliarity with anything modern is a running gag in "Supernatural," and would provide a humorous element to travel if it were implemented. 

There were also those, such as Redditor u/NightVelvet, who believe Cas' voice could also work with other modern-day tech applications. "I would 100% buy this," they wrote. "Even better heck with Alexa I want a Misha."

Waze is one navigation app that allows you to pick a celebrity voice to guide you through your driving day. Many coveted voices have been added to the app, including the comforting cadence of Morgan Freeman (via Player One). It is only a short leap to hope that someday, fans may be gifted with Cas' confused reactions to driving styles.

Cas' voice was a choice

The origin of Cas' recognizable voice goes all the way back to his first appearance on the show. When Misha Collins first entered the "Supernatural" space, no one thought he would last as long as he did, least of all him. His original casting had only been for a handful of episodes that were later increased, as he told Entertainment Tonight. Any fan will recognize the dark and raspy intonation that has been present on the show for so long. But at the 2011 PaleyFest, Collins admitted that he has gone on to regret putting on the voice of an angel.

"I, incontinent guest star that I am, thought, 'Oh I'm gonna do this really gravelly, kick-ass, window-breaking voice,'" Collins recalled, as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter. "And I am maybe running into medical problems. It's been brutal on my voice. So yeah, I regret that." But however much he wishes he could go back in time now, the series would be quite different without this addition. Cas has become a favorite and there is no better evidence than fans begging him to come back in some fashion. Though the series has concluded, who knows? There is always a chance that someday, Cas will be giving you erratic directions to your next destination.