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The Worst Season Of DC's Legends Of Tomorrow According To Fans

Over the years, The CW has become a powerhouse in the world of comic book adaptations, specifically with its DC Comics-based offerings. The remarkable success of "Arrow," which ran from 2012 to 2020, kicked off the aptly-named Arrowverse: an interconnected franchise comprised of multiple small-screen DC projects. Some installments, such as "The Flash" and "Superman & Lois," have achieved great popularity and broke into the pop culture mainstream, while others have struggled to make as noticeable of an impact. One such title that leans in that direction is "DC's Legends of Tomorrow."

Premiering in 2016, "Legends of Tomorrow" focuses on an ever-changing team of lesser-known heroes who take it upon themselves to fend off the forces of evil. While not necessarily a bad show by any means, "Legends of Tomorrow" always seemed to fail at garnering the same appeal as "Arrow" and "The Flash." Still, that didn't stop it from staying on the airwaves for seven seasons before it unexpectedly ended in 2022. Like any superhero property, it managed to build a fanbase all its own — one that always wanted to see more from the series and was willing to admit when it missed the mark.

For example, if you asked the "Legends of Tomorrow" community which season they believe to be the worst of the seven, here's what most would likely tell you.

Season 4 doesn't have many fans

Redditor Afifi_essa opened a thread that explained their dislike for "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" Season 1 and their frustration that it's a necessary watch if you want to understand the Arrowverse as a whole. Some in the comments agreed with this sentiment, but a larger group called out Season 4 for being particularly lackluster. In fact, Reddit user Filimancia1 even claimed that it almost caused them to give up on the Arrowverse entirely. Meanwhile, a couple of people ragged on Season 5, but this was nowhere near as strong as the hate thrown at Season 4 — a batch of episodes no one even named some redeeming qualities of.

On the other hand, when it came to critics, the majority seemed to enjoy Season 4 of "Legends of Tomorrow." It holds a 98% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, falling short of Season 5 and Season 6 only, which each earned 100%. Season 1 wound up at the bottom of the pile with 65%, so it appears that the author of the original Reddit post wasn't the only one who didn't care for the first batch of episodes. At the same time, "Legends of Tomorrow" in its entirety boasts an 89% critic score and a 70% audience score, making it abundantly clear that it's still worth watching through the rough patches.

At the end of the day, what makes a season good or bad is entirely up to interpretation. If you enjoyed Season 4 of "Legends of Tomorrow," that's great, but you might have to look a bit harder in the fan community than most for like-minded folks.