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Fans Agree That Homelander Just Confirmed The Boys' Most Badass Character

When it comes to Amazon's "The Boys," there are a lot of characters — both Supes and otherwise — that can be considered the show's most badass. However, fans believe a scene from Episode 4 of Season 3, "Glorious Five Year Plan," officially crowned an undisputed titleholder. 

As with the rest of the third season of "The Boys," "Glorious Five Year Plan" sees Homelander (Antony Starr) and everyone else dealing with the ongoing power struggles surrounding the Seven and Vought International. Meanwhile, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) searches for the infamous Russian BCL Red weapon while dealing with the fallout from his V-24 dosing (via Entertainment Weekly). Vought CEO Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) plays a major role in the episode, as he plans to condemn Homelander and distance the company from him in a massive press conference. 

However, that idea goes south after FBSA Director Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) betrays Edgar and releases damaging information about him instead, framing him as a criminal. Later, the ousted Vought head has an intense chat about the situation with Homelander himself, prompting the murderous Supe to do something that ultimately showcases Edgar's incomparable badassery.

Homelander's reading of Stan Edgar's heart rate proves he's the show's biggest badass

During their conversation, Stan Edgar has his heart rate read by Homelander, who uses his x-ray vision to do so. As noted by the leader of the Seven, Edgar's blood pressure remains at an incredibly low reading of 80 over 60, despite being in front of the world's most dangerous superhero. "Unbelievable," Homelander says. "Your entire life is imploding and it's as if you're reading f***ing John Grisham." The scene has been praised online by "The Boys" fans, with many calling Edgar the show's biggest badass. 

"Stan Edgar has always been the real s***," wrote Redditor u/devansh1221 in an Episode 4 discussion thread. "I really want to be like him," they said. "So powerful and never loses his calm, not a single second." Describing how Edgar never backed down to Homelander during their convo – and even referred to the Supe as a "bad product" — Redditor u/mrshikari wrote: "The balls on Stan. Phenomenal Line." U/Rectangle_Rex said, "I really love how this episode confirmed via Homelander checking his blood pressure that Stan isn't acting, he just genuinely doesn't fear Homelander at all. He's a bad guy but Stan is the most badass character in the show IMO."

It's ultimately unclear where Esposito's Edgar will go from here now that he's technically been taken out of the picture. Many fans feel he has a hidden reason to stand up to Homelander, which could be revealed in a future episode. "Stan strikes me as a man who has plan C's D's and Es for everything," said u/stunts002.