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Why One Chicago Fans Are So Concerned About The Streaming Status Of All Three Shows

The "One Chicago" franchise shows have appeared on multiple streaming services over the years. Hulu offers the current (or latest) seasons of "Chicago Med," "Chicago Fire," and "Chicago P.D." on their site, but that's all going to end come this fall. According to TV Line, next-day streaming rights for the three series will belong exclusively to Peacock toward the end of this year, which is an effort to bring more subscribers to the platform. Peacock also offers every episode of every season of all three shows, including next-day availability. This new deal strictly means Hulu will no longer have it.

Fans of the "One Chicago" series of shows who rely on Hulu to get their content will have to move over to Peacock to get their doses of Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), and Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos). Episodes are also available on NBC's website or app, but fans must sign in with a cable subscription to see those. Peacock will be the way to go for fans of all three "Chicago" series, but some viewers have noticed something odd on the platform that has them concerned.

Some One Chicago shows are showing expiration warnings on Peacock

Eagle-eyed "One Chicago" fans have noticed there is a countdown on a handful of seasons on Peacock. A "Chicago P.D." fan noted on the show's subreddit that there's a small clock next to some of the season's episodes, worrying them that the show is leaving the platform. At the time of this publication, Seasons 1, 2, and one episode of Season 4 have expiring notifications on them. "Chicago Med" has warnings for Season 1-6, while "Chicago Fire" has none.

"Chicago Fire" fans shared their concern on that show's subreddit at the beginning of June, saying there were warnings of expiration there too. That's good news because those countdowns have disappeared a week later. "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Med" countdown clocks will likely vanish in a matter of days. One "Chicago Fire" viewer, catlady86802, revealed this also happened last year and suggested there is no reason to worry that any of the three shows are going to depart Peacock. A second Redditor, MammaBeartoBoys, claimed this is a technical error due to start date and end date data entries. So fear not, "One Chicago" fans, this is all a glitch in the Dick Wolf universe that will sort itself out momentarily. No news outlets are reporting on the three shows' departure from Peacock, which should also help to soothe any additional worries.