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The Sons Of Anarchy Characters Fans Expected To Be Killed Off Quickly

Violent and provocative, Kurt Sutter's biker opus "Sons of Anarchy" does not shy away from dark subject matters. From 2008 to 2014, the series followed the drama of motorcycle prince and eventual president of the Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam). Jax begins his journey as a gang member with a heart of gold. Though he engages in much of the savage activity of the club, his discovery of his late father's manuscript leaves him second-guessing the overall direction of the club.

But try as he might, Jax is largely unsuccessful in steering the club in a less brutal direction. The harder he struggles against the tide of blood, the more he becomes enraptured in it. The lifestyle of the club is not an easy one. Many club members as well as Jax's family and friends are tragically cut down season to season. Even the person that Jax tried to protect the most — his wife Tara (Maggie Siff) — dies in a violent confrontation with someone quite close to Jax. 

Though the protagonist of the show, Jax himself also dies in the final moments of the show. The near-constant stream of death and destruction is what makes it so surprising that certain characters make it through the series, largely without incident. Somehow even the most committed to the life of the Sons of Anarchy do not suffer the same fate as many others.

Tig's violent legacy never caught up with him

Of all the Sons who deserved to meet their end, Tig (Kim Coates) is at the top of that list. An unquestioning supporter of SAMCRO President Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), there is nothing Tig will not do for the club. This includes his first major crime of attempting to assassinate Opie (Ryan Hurst) but accidentally killing his wife Donna (Sprague Gradyen) instead. Though Tig feels remorse when the occasion calls for it, many fans on Reddit note how strange it is that he lasted the entirety of the series.

"I thought for sure Opie or Piney would have killed Tig for Donna. I NEVER expected Tig to make it through the whole series!" posted u/SOA_Queen_Tabby. Despite his willingness to go along with whatever Clay wants, Tig eventually endeared himself to audiences. Notably, some of these fans welcomed his unexpected relationship with Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) in the later seasons.

"The scene where he tells Venus how much he needs her is one of the greatest in the show I think," commented u/AntonyIsOnFire. In these moments, Tig shows true vulnerability when around Venus, something that audiences had never seen before. In fact, his love for Venus redeems him in many ways. Although Venus admits to often felt like an outsider because of her gender identity, Tig always accepts her for who she is.

Juice's downfall was many seasons in the making

Juice (Theo Rossi) may have died in the final season of "Sons of Anarchy," but many thought that he would meet his end much earlier. When audiences first get a glance at him, he has an incomparable zest for life. But as the seasons progress, Juice takes a dark turn. Juice goes on to betray the club many times. One of the character's most definitive moments comes when he helps Gemma (Katey Sagal) cover up Tara's murder. With so many missteps, fans evidently thought that he would have gone out earlier.

"Juice surprised me with how they corrupted him," noted u/boofythevampslayer. Juice ultimately dies but goes out on his own terms. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rossi complimented the writing of Juice's final episode. "This is the first choice he's made on his own. No one pressured him into it. No Clay, no Gemma, no Jax, no Tully, no Aryans, no Chinese, no nobody," Rossi explained. He went even further and delved into Juice's psyche, stating what the character's thoughts were: "My conscience is clear. It's now time to end the madness. I'm done. This is it. I just want to finish my pie and let's just end this."  

For Rossi, this was a satisfying ending to an expansive arc. Even though it ends in his demise, it was definitely a long road getting there.

Chibs had some close calls

Of course, not all of the Sons survive the entirety of the show, and for a time, Chibs' (Tommy Flanagan) fate is up in the air. Fans became worried about him during Season 2 when he was the victim of a car bomb, courtesy of Zobelle (Adam Arkin) and the League of American Nationalists. Chibs takes the brunt of the blast and obtains a serious head injury.

"I expected Chibs to die in that explosion," admitted u/Rollslan. Chibs spends much of Season 2 recuperating in the hospital, fending off death as well as the watchful eyes of his wife Fiona (Bellina Logan). Luckily for the club — as well as Chibs himself — he recovers nicely. In fact, Chibs' rehab goes so well that he eventually takes over leadership of the club in the final season.

"I [am] just happy Chibs didn't die in the series and is now the president as he is by far my favorite out of them all," noted u/TheTypicalbozy. Where Jax fails to guide the club in the right direction, Chibs has the potential to be successful. Unlike many of the other club members, he never sways and manages to stay true to his ethics. Of course, this could also be part of the reason so many fans didn't think he would make it all the way to the end.