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Why Jordan From FX's Pistol Looks So Familiar

"Pistol" is a hot new miniseries airing on FX and streaming online on Hulu. It currently has a decent 7.5/10 on IMDb. However, it has proven less popular with critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, scoring 56% approval and 52% approval with each group, respectively. At its core, "Pistol" is a biographical drama based on the famous London band, the Sex Pistols. However, it hasn't been without its controversy. Band member John Lydon has voiced his displeasure with the series and even said that it "bears little resemblance to the truth" on his website. Despite the tepid reviews from some sources, it's still drawing a decent amount of buzz.

On the show, there's a particularly interesting supporting character named Jordan, modeled after the real-life actor and model Jordan Mooney. Her big hair and dramatic eye makeup really make her stand out. That said, you might be surprised by what she looks like when she takes all of that off. The actor who plays her is very well known, and you'd probably recognize her instantly as Maisie Williams if you saw her without her Jordan getup on.

While Williams is best known for one role in particular — more on that in a minute — she's also branched out and made a name for herself in several shows and movies. Let's take a look at where you've seen her before.

She played Arya Stark on Game of Thrones

Between 2011 and 2019, Williams gained a lot of popularity as Arya Stark on "Game of Thrones." Her character started as a young tomboy who would rather swordfight and learn archery with her brothers than practice manners and wear frilly dresses like her older sister, Sansa. However, her life gets turned upside down after her father, Ned Stark, is executed for political reasons right in front of her. The malevolent people responsible for taking Ned's life aren't satisfied with just him — they're gunning for the entire family. This sends Arya on an epic journey across the sea not just to save her own life but to discover who she really is as a person.

Arya eventually gets involved with a secret society of assassins who can disguise themselves as almost anyone else. She uses these powers to check names off of her revenge list, taking the lives of everyone who has ever wronged her and her family. As the series ends, her wandering spirit takes her back to the sea to search for more adventure, making her one of the few characters on the show who receives a relatively happy ending. 

She was the girl who died on Doctor Who

Maisie Williams guest-starred on four separate episodes of the modern-day "Doctor Who" during Season 9. Peter Capaldi played the Twelfth Doctor during that season, and Jenna Coleman played his companion, Clara. They meet William's character, Ashildr, when they happen upon her Viking village. The Doctor and Clara help Ashildr save her people from an alien species known as the Mire, and Ashildr uses the Mire's alien technology against them to scare them away for good. Unfortunately, she loses her life in the process. The Doctor feels guilty over her death and gives her a special chip that enhances the healing process in humans. However, the chip will never stop working, meaning Ashildr will stay young forever.

When they meet again in the future, Ashildr renames herself Me because of her lonely status as an immortal. Through a series of unfortunate events, their interactions with Me lead Clara to be condemned to death, but the Doctor refuses to let that happen. He travels to the ends of the universe to save her life and comes dangerously close to unraveling the web of time in the process. Clara convinces him to accept her death and save the universe instead of bringing her back. However, through a weird technological malfunction, the Doctor's memories of her are mostly wiped, and Clara continues to exist — only without a pulse. She is now ageless like Me, and the two of them fly off in Tardis while the Doctor goes on without her.

She played Lucy in Netflix's iBoy

Back in 2017, Netflix released the movie "iBoy" about a young man named Tom (Bill Milner) who develops special techno-superpowers after getting savagely attacked while trying to save his friend Lucy (Williams) from violent thugs. The attack results in pieces of his cell phone fusing with his brain, and he soon realizes that he can hear electronic transmissions and visualize digital information. He decides to use his new technological prowess to track down the bad guys who hurt him and Lucy.

As it turns out, they aren't just common thugs. They are a part of a drug gang, and when Tom finds out, he goes on an epic quest to bring down their crime organization. By the end of it, he comes out on top, and the bad guys get theirs, but Tom must exhaust all of his new techno-powers to do so. Once everyone makes it to the end of the movie, he and Lucy — for whom he has had secret romantic feelings the whole time — share a romantic kiss.

She released her inner she-wolf in The New Mutants

One of Williams' next big projects came out in 2020 when 20th Century Studios released "The New Mutants," the final installment in the X-Men film franchise universe's timeline. In it, Williams plays a young woman who basically has werewolf powers. Unfortunately, her character, Rahne, comes from a very religious background, and her preacher thinks he can beat her mutant powers out of her. She panics and turns into a wolf, killing him in self-defense, and ends up at Milbury Hospital, where other "dangerous" mutants like her are being sequestered and studied.

Everything seems perfectly innocent at first. As the young mutants spend more time honing their skills, they discover that the facility is meant for those whose mutant powers have violent applications, essentially training them to be deadly weapons for Mister Sinister's evil Essex Corporation. Once the young heroes get wind of what's going on, they fight their way out, leaving the facility in ruins. According to IMDb, audiences were torn on whether or not they liked the movie. However, it was universally panned by critics on Rotten Tomatoes, where it received a 35% approval rating.

She only had Two Weeks to Live as Kim Noakes

In "Two Weeks to Live," Williams plays a sheltered young woman named Kim Noakes who lives off the grid in a cabin with her mother Tina (Sian Clifford) in the Scottish woods. One day, she takes a trip into town with her father's ashes and runs into two boys, Jay and Nicky, who play a cruel prank on her. They show her a fake clip of a nuclear bomb going off, telling her that the world is about to be engulfed in a nuclear winter and everyone on earth only has two weeks left to live. Dismayed by the news, she decides to tie up the loose ends of her life by hunting down her father's killer and avenging his death.

Kim eventually finds out that the boys lied about nuclear winter killing off humanity — but not before she takes the life of Jimmy (Sean Pertwee), the man she believes murdered her father. Kim and her new friends eventually get into a showdown in the woods with Tina and the cops, who want to bring her in for Jimmy's death. However, soon some unfortunate truths come to light about Tina's mysterious past. 

There are a lot of unanswered questions left in the end, and Digital Spy reports that it's uncertain right now whether the show will ever get a second season. Since the first season ended on such a cliffhanger, it would be a shame if fans never got any closure. But time (and viewership numbers) will tell whether or not the creators will ever get the go-ahead to produce the episodes necessary to finish the story.