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Whatever Happened To Marz Sprays After Shark Tank?

While virtually every episode of reality competition series "Shark Tank" revolves around business owners pitching their companies to a panel of investors, this is more-or-less the series' sole constraint. As a result, the kinds of businesses featured on "Shark Tank" over the years have been wide-ranging and diverse, unbounded by industry.

RuckPack, for example, is an example of a company that secured funding on "Shark Tank" in spite of looking to compete in the saturated energy drink market. Tandem Boogie, meanwhile, won over one of the Sharks with a bodyboard designed to be used by two people at once, which was effectively a non-existent product prior to the company's founding. Perhaps the biggest success story ever on "Shark Tank" is that of Tipsy Elves, which simply sells crude Christmas sweaters.

Business owners Keith and Brandon Marz appeared on a Season 4 episode of "Shark Tank" to pitch vitamins and supplements consumable as a spray rather than in pill form. The father and son duo ultimately walked away with a $200 thousand investment from Lori Greiner in exchange for 25% equity in their company, called Marz Sprays. While this amounts to a pretty significant success, a win on "Shark Tank" doesn't always translate into sustainable growth. Here's where Marz Sprays ended up after its "Shark Tank" appearance.

Despite some setbacks, Marz Sprays remains in business to this day

On the website for Marz+ Labs — which seems to be the company's current branding — owners Keith and Brandon Marz shared a video to their About Us page titled "Life After Shark Tank." In it, they reveal that their product was available in 10,000 retail stores as of the video's 2020 publication.

That said, Brandon Marz mentions a number of unforeseen complications that hindered their growth in the years following their "Shark Tank" success, including a lawsuit they filed and won against Walgreens. Actor Jennifer Love Hewitt, meanwhile, sued the company over what she claimed was wrongful use of her likeness (via The Hollywood Reporter). Nevertheless, Marz Sprays are still available through the company's website, indicating that they weathered these proverbial storms and remain in business today.

In 2016, Keith Marz told a business mentoring company called SCORE Los Angeles that, not only did their "Shark Tank" appearance drive business to the company upon its premiere, but reruns regularly brought in new customers. "It's been a few years since we filmed, but we still get new customers through reruns of the show," he said.

Seemingly, then, in spite of numerous difficulties over the course of the company's existence, Keith and Brandon Marz persevered — thanks in part to a bump in popularity from "Shark Tank" — and have successfully kept their company going.