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What Fans Really Think About Adam Sandler's Acting Chops

Adam Sandler has been a perennial favorite since the 1990s. He's starred in a slew of classic comedies that still manage to make people laugh to this day. From "Billy Madison" to "Happy Gilmore," Adam Sandler cultivated an image of himself as a buffoonish man-child. While it may have come across as novel and hilarious initially, Sandler seems to have received diminishing returns as of late. 

One simply has to look at Sandler's filmography on Rotten Tomatoes to see that many of his films have dismal ratings. Many of his movies haven't even been able to break 10% critics' ratings, including "Jack and Jill," "Grown Ups 2," and "The Ridiculous 6," to name a few. 

However, there are many factors that go into a film, and many of them are entirely outside of Sandler's control. It begs the question if Sandler's a bad actor making bad movies or if he's merely a victim of circumstance. 

Fans think Adam Sandler's actually a good actor

It's the eternal question, and it was naturally asked in the one place people turn to in order to have all of their most pertinent questions answered — Reddit. One such user asked, "Is Adam Sandler a bad actor." Many people were quick to chime in, but the most popular response by far came from u/nowhereman136, who wrote, "When it matters, he can really perform. And then there's Punch Drunk, Reign Over Me, and Uncut Gems. Those movies really prove he can go toe to toe with the best of Hollywood."

A lot of people agree many of Sandler's films are of inferior quality, but that's not necessarily his fault. He's found a system that works where he can make a lot of money and hang out with his friends while creating most of his films. But every so often, he manages to turn in a solid performance and show the world he still has what it takes. As u/mikeweasy1 said, "He can do good movies and he does have the right acting muscle but he chooses these netflix movies where he can hang out with his friends and make millions doing it. If given the chance I would do the same lol."

Adam Sandler certainly knows how to act as engaging, intriguing characters when he wants to. It's just clear he'd rather have fun and put out low-effort comedies since those pay the bills. But as long as he cranks out an "Uncut Gems" every so often, it's not a bad tradeoff.