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The Ridiculously Fast Motorcycles That Sold For $45k On American Pickers

There are certain items Mike Wolfe from "American Pickers" gets positively giddy about even before he sees it. The man loves vintage vehicles and is willing to throw down some serious cash to get his hands on these classic pieces of Americana. It doesn't matter if the cars are in rough shape, as fans learned all too well during one particular episode where Wolfe purchases two Nash-Healy vehicles for $46,000. Even though the vehicles were wrapped up in vines, Wolfe still knew that restored, these cars could fetch a pretty penny.

That's far from the only time Wolfe wanted to get his hands on a piece of American history. During a Season 18 episode, Wolfe and Frank Fritz receive a call from Danielle Colby about a tip regarding two motorcycles that belonged to legendary dragstrip exponent E.J. Potter. That name means a lot in certain circles, so the two high-tail it to the property to check out the bikes.

Mike Wolfe has an easy negotiation to get the motorcycles

E.J. Potter was a legend to many. He was known for building his own bikes that he would later race at dragstrips at impressive speeds, even setting land speed records in the process. The two bikes of his featured on "American Pickers" include the "Bloody Mary" and "The Widowmaker," the latter of which he managed to get up to the impressive speed of 172 miles per hour. 

He rightfully earned the nickname of "The Michigan Madman" for his insane stunts, so when Wolfe and Fritz manage to find a collection of Potter bikes and memorabilia, they know they have to make an offer. Wolfe cuts right to the chase and offers the owner $45,000 for everything related to Potter. Surprisingly, the seller doesn't negotiate and immediately accepts the $45,000 offer.

It's clear the owner wants the pieces to go to a good home, and Wolfe provides his word that he'll do everything in his power to get the collection in a museum. It's a good day for everyone involved and a good reminder you can watch a good deal of E.J. Potter's racing on YouTube