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Fans Can't Get Enough Of This First Look At Jenna Ortega As Wednesday Addams

Being a member of the Addams Family comes with a fair amount of perks and quirks. The first iteration of the gothic clan arrived via a comic strip in 1938 (per Smithsonian Magazine), and from there, TV adaptations, cross-over events, and several feature-length films were brought to morbid life. Despite their propensity for wearing all black, an obsession with death and decay, and the fact that they live in a dilapidated mansion filled with hair-raising horrors, audiences have long had an affectionate relationship with the wonderfully weird family. 

Now, Netflix is bringing viewers a fresh take on the franchise with "Wednesday," an upcoming series starring Jenna Ortega as the titular daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams, who will be played by Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The series, which, according to Deadline, will be directed by Tim Burton and will also feature former Wednesday actor Christina Ricci, will follow the titular character as she goes to school and learns to control a newfound psychic power. Whether or not she will eventually purchase Girl Scout Cookies is up for debate, but a recent teaser trailer featuring a first look at Ortega's Wednesday Addams has fans all saying the same thing.

Fans think Jenna Ortega is a perfect choice to play Wednesday Addams

Coalescing around a recently released teaser for the upcoming Netflix show "Wednesday," several fans shared their opinions after seeing Jenna Ortega don the famous pigtails and dress of the character. The teaser shows Wednesday straightening her collar and tying her hair while Thing perches on her shoulder. The two then do the famous finger-snap from the Addams family theme song. A response on YouTube from user Jasmine Monique said of the teaser, "So excited for this. Jenna Ortega is killing it in every role. Love to see it."

Others took to popular online outlets like Reddit and Twitter to express their opinions, with many on the subreddit r/television extolling high praise for Ortega's Wednesday in a thread about the teaser. Reddtor u/islandsurvivor1 said, "Everything that I've seen Jenna Ortega in I've loved her performance, so I will definitely check it out," while u/tortillakingred agreed, and predicted that Ortega will likely excel in the role. Meanwhile, u/Kevbot1000 added, "From a visual standpoint, the role fits her like a glove."

Over on Twitter, @SamukeloMokoen1 said of the casting decision, "Christina ricci wil always be the OG Wednesday for me ,but I'm excited to see what Jenna Ortega is going to do with the part." Similarly, @thrillhouse tweeted in response to the teaser, "Talk about a perfect casting huh?" 

It appears as if fans are already loving Ortega's take on the famous character, and can't wait for the Netflix show to come out.