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Scrubs Fans Just Got The News They've Been Waiting For

Medical dramas are often rife with melodramatic interpersonal relationships and high stakes tension, but Bill Lawrence's "Scrubs" — while also being full of those things — broke ground by taking the always-popular setting of a hospital and turning it into a rambunctious comedy full of inner monologues, snappy comebacks, and daydreams that come to momentary life. As if that wasn't enough, "Scrubs" still gets regularly ranked as one of the most accurate TV medical shows to date (per Insider), and spun its success into numerous Emmy Awards and nominations.  

Season 8 of the show is often considered the "true" end of the true series — as it was intended to be — but the series technically continued with the spin-off "Scrubs: Med School," which often is referred to as Season 9. "Med School" is generally considered the worst season of the show, for reasons ranging from it continuing past the show's intended finale to the fact that it de-emphasizes most of the regular cast in favor of newcomers. Season 9's reputation isn't helped by the fact that the Season 8 finale was near-universally beloved, with outlets like Entertainment Weekly praising it as, in their words, "Perfect? Or totally perfect?" while fans online, such as those at Resetera, sing the praises of what they call the "real" finale. 

With that said, luckily for fans who are curious about where the show's iconic cast of doctors and nurses might have ended up in the years since, it looks like there's something to hope for on the horizon.

The Scrubs series creator says there will be something new because there is still fan interest

During a panel at the ATX TV Festival (via Deadline), actors and the showrunner from the beloved television series formed a live "Scrubs" reunion, with creator Bill Lawrence — of current "Ted Lasso" fame — thanking the crowd for still being interested in the medical dramedy, all these years later.

Nostalgia is one thing, but when the old crew was asked if there could be a revival of the show in the works, Turk actor Donald Faison replied, "Here's the deal: I think we all want a reboot and want to work together again but it couldn't be a full season." He continued, "Maybe like a movie or something we could shoot in a few months. With everything Bill is doing now, he's never going to be free again. If he finds the time, we'll do it."

As if that wasn't enough, Lawrence himself stepped into make it clear that this isn't a question of if, but when. As Lawrence put it, "We're gonna do it because people still care about it and we enjoy spending time with each other." 

Considering these comments, it definitely seems like there is something being worked on that aims to bring back "Scrubs" in some capacity. And while it doesn't sound like it would be a full television show, that could be a good thing — because doing a movie (or even a miniseries) would allow fans to catch up with their old favorites and provide more closure on them, while also not dragging things out too long. That said, even though many of J.D.'s daydream sequences tap into the power of music, Lawrence said — jokingly — that viewers shouldn't expect a musical.