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How The Disney+ Ms. Marvel Costume Should Really Look

Contains spoilers for "Ms. Marvel"

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is all too happy to skip some of the better-known superhero origin stories, like showing viewers for the umpteenth time how Peter Parker (Tom Holland) became Spider-Man. On the other hand, a tastefully done origin story of a character that hasn't featured on the big screen yet can be a wonderful thing, as evidenced by the latest Disney+ MCU show, "Ms. Marvel." The story of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) is already somewhat less known than those of, say, Spidey or Steve "Captain America" Rogers (Chris Evans), and the show changes her origin story even further. In the comics, Ms. Marvel gets Inhuman powers from exposure to the Terrigen Mists, while here she's powered by a mysterious family heirloom. 

The reason Kamala starts wearing the ancient bangle in the first place is because she decides to make it a part of her Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) costume. The homemade cosplay suit is a pretty decent one, and come Episode 2, the newly powered Kamala actually uses it as her own superhero costume for a daring rescue. However, people who are familiar with Kamala's costume in the comics might notice that this homespun take on Captain Marvel's custom Starforce uniform is actually pretty far from Kamala's own traditional costume. Here's how the Ms. Marvel costume should really look. 

Ms. Marvel's biokinetic polymer suit probably won't make an appearance in the show

Kamala Khan's powers are somewhat different in the "Ms. Marvel" show than they are in the comics. Instead of controlling her own molecules by stretching and altering her size and shape in various ways, the MCU version of the character can create hard light structures for various purposes. This is why it's entirely possible that the comic book incarnation's iconic biokinetic polymer suit won't make an appearance in "Ms. Marvel." Oh, a version of the costume is fully visible in the trailer (via YouTube), complete with the character's signature red scarf and blue dress. However, chances are that it'll be considerably more mundane than what the character wears in the comics. 

It remains to be seen just when Kamala will acquire this relatively comics-accurate costume — or if she will at all, considering Marvel Studios' tendency to mislead with trailers. However, given the different nature of Kamala's powers in the MCU, one thing is nearly certain: the supersuit will work differently from its comic book version. Created by Kamala's tech genius friend Bruno (played by Matt Lintz on the Disney+ show), the biokinetic polymer suit in the comics is custom designed to keep up with her shapeshifting powers without tearing. Whatever Ms. Marvel's costume will or won't be able to do in the MCU, it's probably safe to say that her different power set means it doesn't have to be quite that high-tech in nature.