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What Is The Song In Apple's New AirPods Commercial?

TV commercials have long relied on popular music to help sell their respective products and brands, and it's not hard to see why. After all, it's presumably easier to raise viewers' interest in a company if its products are introduced to them alongside popular hit songs. Taking that into account, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn that Apple recently chose to partner up with one massively successful musician for a new commercial.

The commercial in question was made to market Apple's AirPods and, in particular, one feature that makes the headphones unique. The ad places a heavy focus on the headphones' spatial audio capabilities, and in order to properly showcase the AirPods' power, the commercial uses a song from one of the world's biggest musicians and even features clips of him dancing. However, despite the musician's presence in the commercial, some viewers may still finish it confused by what they just saw and unsure of which song they heard playing throughout the ad.

With that in mind, here's what viewers should know about the song that plays during Apple's latest AirPods commercial.

The new commercial uses a Harry Styles song to promote Apple's AirPods

In early June, Apple debuted a new commercial online titled, "AirPods with Spatial Audio + Music for a Sushi Restaurant." The commercial, which runs just a little over one minute long, shows endless sequences of people dancing in front of colorful backgrounds to a song while wearing their white AirPods. Harry Styles is one of the commercial's dancing figures, though, his silhouette is given a bit more definition than any of the commercial's other dancers.

The commercial never names what song it is that Styles is singing and that everyone else is dancing along with, but some quick research reveals that the song in question is titled "Music from a Sushi Restaurant." It is the opening track (via Genius) on Styles' latest album, "Harry's House," which explains why it's Styles who is shown singing it in the commercial. Beyond just giving Apple an excuse to include Harry Styles in the commercial though, the song is also a strong choice for the ad itself.

The track injects the new AirPods commercial with an infectiously playful mood and jovial energy. In other words, if Apple's intent with the commercial was to make listening to music with the company's AirPods seem like a fun experience that everyone should try, then it seems safe to say that "Music from a Sushi Restaurant" accomplishes exactly that.