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Here's The First Trailer For Maya Rudolph's Apple TV+ Series Loot

Apple TV+ has seen immense growth and success since it debuted in 2019. Some pundits doubted the tech giant's foray into the streaming world (via Forbes), especially after it debuted with a less than stellar slate. Despite a few fumbles, the behemoth of a company has turned its streaming ship around and is on track to rack up over 35 million users by 2026, per The Hollywood Reporter.

After winning best picture at the Oscars with "Coda" — the first for a streaming service — and haunting viewers with "Severance," Apple TV+ is set to leave audiences a bit warmer this summer. The streamer has roped in "Saturday Night Live" alum and "Bridesmaids" star Maya Rudolph for "Loot," an upcoming workplace comedy with a unique twist.

Executive produced by Rudolph, who has been entertaining audiences since the late '90s, "Loot" was created by two television veterans. "30 Rock" alum Matt Hubbard, who previously worked with Rudolph on "Forever," is writing with Alan Yang, one of the creatives behind "Master of None." Both Hubbard and Yang executive produce, alongside "Russian Doll" star Natasha Lyonne's Animal Pictures.

With "Loot" set to arrive in late June, Apple TV+ has released the first trailer for Rudolph's latest adventure, which will definitely have us laughing and probably ugly crying by the time it wraps up.

Maya Rudolph is a divorcee with $87 billion and a purpose in Loot

Molly Novak (Rudolph) seems to have the perfect life. As a billionaire, she has access to the finest luxuries in the world. After finding out her husband (Adam Scott) has cheated on her, Novak seeks a divorce and is left with a healthy chunk of change — $87 billion to be exact. Filled with no purpose, Novak's life gains traction when she discovers that she has a charity foundation that is spearheaded by Sofia Salinas (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez). To prove her ex-husband and the tabloids wrong, Rudolph's billionaire takes it upon herself to change the world and find some sense of responsibility.

The first trailer for "Loot" highlights Novak's bubbly personality, which is immediately cast into relief after her husband's infidelity comes to the surface. Despite having the money to change the world, her laissez-faire attitude seems to clash with the bold and determined Salinas, who manages her organization. The series is definitely leaning more into the dramedy side of self-discovery and it will be interesting to see how Rudolph manages to lure viewers in this time around. As for Apple TV+, "Loot" marks a significant departure from the service's heavy and dramatic offerings this year, which includes the sci-fi mystery "Severance," the WeWork dramatization "WeCrashed," and spy thriller "Slow Horses."

"Loot" will debut on Apple TV+ with 3 episodes on June 24. Subsequent episodes will be released weekly.