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Stranger Things Fans Will Get More Answers About A Major Character's Sexuality In Part 2 According To The Duffer Bros.

Netflix has been famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) for dropping new seasons of its original shows in one big, bingeable chunk. However, the streamer has split the most recent season of "Stranger Things" into two parts, with the first seven episodes having dropped on May 27 and the final two planned to be released on July 1.

No matter how you feel about the concept of a two-part season, this is keeping the discussion around the massively popular series active. Some people enjoy having the season be more spaced out, while others are annoyed, with even Stephen King commenting that the new release schedule is "kind of lame."

Creators Matt and Ross Duffer are taking advantage of this five-week break by teasing that Volume 2 will answer many of the questions fans have been asking, including whether there will be more LGBTQ+ representation within the series.

The Duffer brothers say fans are 'supposed to be asking those questions'

In an interview with TVLine, Matt Duffer answered cryptically when asked about Will's (Noah Schnapp) sexuality. Throughout Season 4 so far, the character has expressed jealousy at Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) spending so much time together, although it's currently unknown if this jealousy is born out of his platonic friendship with Mike or something more.

"You're supposed to be asking those questions," Duffer responded. "This is where it gets tricky since we haven't released the whole season yet. I just want people to watch the final two episodes."

Ross Duffer also added that the "final act" of "Stranger Things" Season 4, referring to the final two episodes of the season, "Chapter Eight: Pappa" and "Chapter Nine: The Piggyback," will add resolution to multiple character and story arcs while also setting even more up for "Stranger Things" Season 5.

"Stranger Things 5" will follow as the final season of the celebrated series, although hopefully, we won't have to wait another three years to see it through.