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The Supernatural Villain That Fans Can't Help But Love

If there was one thing "Supernatural," the long-running CW series that saw brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) hunt down all things paranormal, was never short on, it was villains. Aside from the usual monsters-of-the-week that would crop up from episode to episode, the series also developed a pretty extensive rogues' gallery of major antagonists across its myriad seasons. 

Sometimes a major villain would return to wreak havoc for another season. Other times, two antagonists would fight each other for power. Even other times, a new villain would be so ridiculously evil that they made the old antagonists turn into allies of the Winchester brothers. Suffice to say, no one could ever really predict what was going to happen next.

At the same time, there was a pretty steady climb upward throughout the series in terms of the overall threat level of the villains. After all, this is the show that began with its protagonists fighting a single nefarious demon named Azazel and ended with them legitimately facing off against God (yes, that God). However, in spite of the overall power creep, there's one particular villain who was introduced only partway through the series and yet holds a uniquely special place in the hearts of many "Supernatural" fans.

Abaddon is a fan-favorite antagonist

Many "Supernatural" viewers have a soft spot for Abaddon, the demonic Knight of Hell who terrorized Sam, Dean, and their allies during the eighth and ninth seasons of the show. For much of her screen time, Abaddon was a force of chaos, clashing against the Winchesters but also fighting her fellow demons in her bid to become the ruler of Hell.

"[M]y favorite pure evil demon on the show," u/hypothetical-ginger commented on a thread on the r/Supernatural thread discussing Abaddon. "She's scary, but also funny, but not in a schlocky way like Lilith." Other fans echoed their appreciation of Abaddon and her colorful, punk personality. A few commenters shared some of their favorite moments from the series involving the character. "I like when she sees a woman wearing a 'the Devil made me do it' shirt, she kills her and steals it. #Girlboss," u/Caroniver413 commented.

The love of Abaddon as a character wasn't one-sided either, as Alaina Huffman, one of the actresses who played the role, has said that she enjoyed playing the demon. "Oh my God, she was so much fun," Huffman said in an interview with KSiteTV. "Maybe 'Oh my God' is the wrong term. She was absolutely delicious, that's the perfect term."

Abaddon endures as one of the many highlights of "Supernatural" in retrospect. With a new entry in the show's universe coming in the form of the upcoming prequel series "The Winchesters," perhaps there's even a chance that fans haven't seen the last of the Knight of Hell.