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The Boys Character You Likely Didn't Realize Was Played By Supernatural's Jim Beaver

According to his IMDb profile, Jim Beaver has been acting since the late '70s, but he's probably best known for his role on the CW horror-drama series "Supernatural." Beaver held a recurring role on the Eric Kripke-led show as Bobby Singer, an older hunter who mentors the main characters significantly. Throughout his time on the series, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) look up to the wise, curmudgeonly Bobby and even grow to see him as a surrogate father figure.

Beaver spent many years on "Supernatural," first as a recurring character and later as a main cast member. With this fact in mind, it's not terribly surprising to learn that he showed up on another project from Eric Kripke, Amazon Prime Video's adaptation of "The Boys." After all, it's not uncommon for actors and other show business creatives to work together on multiple projects. Still, the cheeky nature with which Kripke wrote Beaver into the first season of "The Boys" is one that probably made "Supernatural" fans do a quick double-take.

Eric Kripke cast Jim Beaver with the same character name

Hilariously, Jim Beaver plays the character of Secretary of Defense Robert A. Singer in "The Boys" (via IMDb). If you're not sure what's so funny about that name, look a little closer. That's right, Robert Singer is just a slight variation on the name Bobby Singer, the character who Beaver played on "Supernatural."

Though Beaver has played many notable characters over the course of his long and storied career, including arms dealer Lawson on "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul," Sheriff Shelby Parlow on "Justified," and Whitney Ellsworth on "Deadwood," his role as Bobby Singer on "Supernatural" remains his best-known part. That's not exactly shocking, of course, as Beaver portrayed the warm yet gruff demon hunter for 14 years on the show (via IMDb). 

For fans of "Supernatural," it's probably nice to imagine that Bobby could have had a happier, more successful life as a career politician. In fact, he may have even found a way to save the world yet again with such a high-ranking position as Secretary of Defense. Of course, given the Amazon series' outlook on so-called "heroes," that also doesn't seem especially likely. Either way, it's a nice nod to Beaver's legacy on the horror-drama series that his character gets to live on in some fashion.

Will we see more of Robert Singer in the upcoming third season of the superhero show? Though that remains to be seen, don't count Bobby out yet.