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1000-Lb Sisters Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About Amanda

When "1000-lb Sisters" premiered on TLC in January 2020, many viewers took an instant liking to Amy and Tammy Slaton. Unlike the network's more serious wellness shows, such as "My 600-lb Life," the Slatons brought a hearty dose of crude humor to the network.

However, with each passing season, "1000-lb Sisters" has become less humorous. In Season 1, when Amy qualifies for weight loss surgery, dropping over 130 pounds (via Life & Style) and achieving her longtime goal of motherhood, Tammy continues to neglect bariatric surgeon Dr. Eric Smith's guidance. In fact, even the Slatons' brother, Chris Combs, receives the surgery before her.

In subsequent episodes, Amy and Chris desperately try to make their sister see reason, especially when she begins a new habit of heavy drinking, but their efforts are sadly for naught. Yet another sibling, one who makes her grand debut on "1000-lb Sisters" during Season 3, is eventually able to break through Tammy's walls a little bit — her big sister Amanda.

Though Amanda is new to the world of reality television compared to Amy and Tammy, her screen time certainly stirred up some fan chatter.

Amanda has a unique relationship with Tammy

In Season 3, Amanda, who underwent gastric bypass surgery several years prior to "1000-lb Sisters," says, "I'm the one that's mouthy. I'm blunt, I'm sarcastic. I don't wanna say I'm the glue that holds the family together, but I'm usually the one that everybody calls..." Amy backs up this statement, saying, "I come to Amanda for advice, from weight loss to motherhood to just being an overall good person."

It's Amanda's bluntness that sometimes causes her to butt heads with Tammy, who she refuses to let speak to her in a rude manner. For example, Tammy becomes angered upon seeing a sibling photo that everyone took without her after she decides to stay in her sister's room. Although Tammy sees fit to take out her anger on her, Amanda tells her, "You're not gonna keep hollering at me like that" (via TLC).

On the other hand, Amanda also has a knack for interacting with Tammy in a non-judgmental way. A particularly touching moment comes during Tammy's dangerously excessive drinking phase, when Amanda tells her, "I have never expected you to be anybody but who you are. I just want you to be careful" (via TLC). Amanda then gifts Tammy one of their late grandmother's quilts, a gesture that brings Tammy to tears. Amanda says, "Whenever I have to have hard conversations with her, I always try to let her know that the love is there."

Viewers love that Amanda stands up for herself against Tammy

Many fans of the series have hailed Amanda as their new favorite sister. They love that she fiercely stands up to Tammy, but can also have heartfelt conversations with her, something that Amy and Chris struggle to achieve.

On Reddit, u/SuperSqueakyBumTime said, "Amanda is so mature with her whole approach to Tammy. [She] communicates very clearly and can admit when she may have been wrong." U/skuiish added, "She seems like not only does she truly care for and love her entire family, but she genuinely wants to see Tammy become well and live the life she is missing out on."

Several viewers seem to appreciate how Amanda sets clear boundaries with Tammy. Throughout Season 3, Tammy slings verbal insults at Amy, who is only trying to assist. For example, when Amy needs information from Tammy so that she can order her prescription medications, Tammy calls her sister "stupid" for interrupting the filming process of a YouTube video. Amy is angry over the situation, but it is nothing compared to how Amanda reacts at the family vacation dinner when Tammy tells her to "shut up." "She didn't let Tammy walk all over her," u/EmotionalMycologist9 said. "She's the most self-aware of any of them."