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This Overused Bones Line Could Be Catastrophic In A Drinking Game

What's one to do after watching a TV series front to back so many times already? Sometimes the best course of action is to rewatch it yet again, but this time, implementing a drinking game to go along with it, provided you like drinking alcohol, of course. This is particularly fun when a group of the show's fans get together and want to relive their favorite moments with their liquor of choice. The more episodes, the better, especially when it comes to procedurals that often have similar qualities across seasons. 

That's certainly the case with Fox's "Bones," which ran for 12 seasons, providing ample opportunities for people to get their drink on. You don't even have to devise your own rules, as there are plenty of resources online that outline drinking rules for you already. One such resource has some rules that will give you ample opportunities to drink, such as "Everyone takes one drink when someone says, 'We've got a case.'" But after looking at these lists, some fans think there's one more rule to add that will leave players drunk in no time.

'Have Hodgins swab for particulates' is said more often than you might realize

Given its "crime of the week" format, there were always bound to be similarities across episodes of "Bones." However, Redditor u/Tigerggirl points to one line that's apparently spoken way too often, namely, "Have Hodgins swab for particulates." Dr. Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) is an entomologist who specializes in particulates and traces evidence, and typically, his job on the show is to provide Booth (David Boreanaz) with an approximate time of death. The other characters seem to rely on his expertise quite often, as u/Tigerggirl goes on to say, "Now that I'm re-binge watching it I keep hearing this after every single new piece of evidence is found in every single bone. Could totally be made into a drinking game."

A lot of people agreed that the line comes up often, but u/lctc1 stated, "[I] think people might die if it was a drinking game." Then there were those who had their own pitches of lines that would work well for a drinking game, including "I've found cause of death" and "I don't understand what that means." As always, whenever playing a drinking game with your favorite TV show, it's important to remember to drink responsibly.