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You Likely Didn't Recognize This WWE Legend On Vikings

History's "Vikings" proved itself a worthy entry into the historical drama genre in the eyes of fans throughout its six seasons on the air. Week after week, the series would take viewers to medieval Scandinavia, where violent conflict, tense family relations, horrific tragedy, and everything in-between would take place, and they couldn't get enough. As the final episode, which aired in December of 2020, recedes further and further into the past, some elements of "Vikings" remain well remembered by fans. Case in point: the show's stable of memorable and, in some cases, infamous characters.

As the program trudged on, numerous characters would come and go — some enduring grizzly deaths — amounting to quite the ensemble cast by the time "Vikings" concluded. Arguably the most enduring include Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), who served as the central protagonist from Season 1 to Season 4, as well as the ever-eccentric Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård). Of course, these are but two examples of the series' famous names, and many others stand alongside them. For one reason or another, a handful have even managed to generate a steady stream of fan conversation in the years since "Vikings" left the airwave.

One such example continues to keep fans talking for two main reasons. Not only is the character a scene-stealer, but the actor behind them is a WWE legend.

Edge featured on Vikings as Kjetill Flatnose

Now and again throughout "Vikings" Season 5 and Season 6, viewers spent some time with Kjetill Flatnose: an intense, hulking Viking patriarch whose strong optimism does little to hide his sadistic nature and deteriorating mental state. He first appeared in the episode titled "The Prisoner" and would go on to feature in an additional 24 installments, keeping fans on their toes all the while and inspiring online chats long after his run ended. Adam Copeland took on the role (via IMDb), and if that name doesn't ring a bell to you, perhaps his WWE ring alias, Edge, will jog your memory.

Debuting in 1998, Edge quickly became a standout star in WWE — then known as the WWF. He climbed the tag team ranks, became a world champion multiple times, and put on classic matches with the likes of "Peacemaker" star John Cena, The Undertaker, and countless others. Sadly, he was forced into retirement in 2011 due to a severe neck injury, prompting him to begin his acting journey proper. As he told Daily DDT in 2018, he knew he wanted to give "Vikings" a try if the opportunity ever arose, and sure enough, the role of Kjetill came his way in short order. He felt good about the part right off the bat, so he stuck with it for the long haul.

Despite his injuries, Edge has since healed up and returned to the WWE as an active wrestler, having engaged in feuds with such stars as AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton. Time will tell if he'll ever have the chance to play Kjetill again, but even if he doesn't, at least he hasn't totally gone missing from fans' television screens.