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Who Plays Spock On Star Trek: Strange New Worlds?

The character of Spock has been a fundamental aspect of the "Star Trek" franchise ever since it began. The character, a half-human half-Vulcan member of Starfleet, first made his appearance on "Star Trek: The Original Series," where he was played by Leonard Nimoy, who went on to reprise the character on both "Star Trek: The Animated Series" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation," as well as in eight feature films.

Nimoy, however, is not the only performer to play the character, with Zachary Quinto having stepped into the role in the 2009 film "Star Trek." When the Paramount+ TV series "Star Trek: Discovery" announced that Spock would be joining the show, many fans wondered who the newest performer to take on the role would be.

Following Season 3 of that series, Spock, along with Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) and Una Chin-Riley (Rebecca Romijn), ultimately transitioned from "Star Trek: Discovery" to "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds," which focuses on the travels of the USS Enterprise in a prequel to "Star Trek: The Original Series." This is who plays Spock in the series.

Ethan Peck already has a number of major credits to his name

Spock is played by Ethan Peck on "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds." Peck began acting when he was a child, getting his first on-screen credit at the age of 9 when he appeared in the ABC procedural series "Charlie Grace" alongside Mark Harmon. He also appeared on "The Drew Carey Show" and "That '70s Show," playing a young Kelso in the latter, a role he has since spoken about as being a formative experience for him. Peck's first prominent movie role came in the 2008 film "Tennessee," in which he stars as Ellis, one-half of a pair of brothers who go on a trip to try to find their estranged father, alongside Adam Rothenberg, Mariah Carey, and Lance Reddick.

Peck's first leading role on television came in 2009, on the ABC Family series "10 Things I Hate About You," based on the 1999 film. Peck plays Patrick Verona, the role played by Heath Ledger in the film, starring alongside Lindsey Shaw and Meaghan Martin. The series ran for a 20-episode first season before getting canceled, but Peck's career continued to grow, with the actor appearing on the big screen in films such as "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" alongside Nicolas Cage, "In Time" alongside Justin Timberlake, and "The Midnight Sky," alongside George Clooney.