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Spider-Man: Homecoming Deleted Scene Confirms Miles Morales In The MCU

Is there enough room in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for another Spider-Man? 

Regardless of what the true answer is, space will have to be made one way or another, as a 
Spider-Man: Homecoming deleted scene has confirmed the existence of Miles Morales in the MCU. 

Miles is the Ultimate version of the web-slinging vigilante, played by English actor Tom Holland in the fresh-faced and down-to-earth iterationfirst introduced in the Marvel Comics lore in 2011. The black/Latino successor to Peter Parker, Miles has established himself as a fan-favorite character, one many have been crossing their fingers to one day see on the silver screen. That possibility was teased in the theatrical version of Homecoming when Aaron Davis (Donald Glover), the small-time burglar who goes by the alias "the Prowler" and Miles' uncle in the comics, mentioned to Spider-Man that he wanted to protect his nephew. Where that was just a small allusion to Miles' existence (which was later confirmed by Kevin Feige), now fans have explicit proof through the newly discovered deleted scene. 

The moment in question is what appears to be a scrapped post-credits scene not shown in cinemas, in which we see Glover's Aaron still stuck to his car thanks to Spidey's super-strong webs. He struggles for a bit to free himself, but eventually rings his aforementioned nephew to let him know he won't be able to see him. The important (and exciting) bit to notice here is that Aaron explicitly calls his nephew Miles. "Sorry, Miles. I'm not gonna make it... I'm just stuck," he says. 

You can check out the scene here. 

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Miles gained his powers through a radioactive spider replicated from Peter Parker's blood, stolen by Aaron. When Peter died, Miles took on the Spider-Man mantle and quickly became a part of the main 616-universe. Miles has gained a ton of popuarlity, and currently serves as New York's main Spider-Man, with a now-living Peter assuming responsibility over global duties. 

Though the reveal in this deleted scene was one heavily hinted at in Homecoming itself, with many fans taking the implication as fact without getting explicit proof, hearing Glover's Aaron actually say the name "Miles" means a great deal. With Miles' origin set up and his existence proven, the uncertainty now falls on whether the character will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. Holland once stated that he would love to mentor a new Spider-Man, like Miles, moving forward, so it seems highly plausible. 

"That would be something that I would be very up for doing, it's something that I would really really hope to happen. I think Miles Morales is a great character, I think it would be fantastic to have an actor of color playing a superhero on screen and I just think it's going to be something very cool and something very exciting for this universe," he said. 

For now, we'll simply have to play the waiting game to see how things shake out for both Spideys in the MCU. To pass the time until we know more, take a look at the biggest unanswered questions in Spider-Man: Homecoming.