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The Yellowstone Storyline Fans Want To See Get A Resolution

Despite the fact that Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone" remains one of the most popular drama series on television, the show itself is far from perfect. Indeed, "Yellowstone" has an unfortunate and long-running habit of leaving certain storylines completely unresolved, even those concerning some of the show's most important characters.

A great example of this is the plotline in Season 2 wherein Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and Torry (Wolé Parks) plant a bomb on a plane that belongs to the Beck brothers, Teal (Terry Serpico) and Malcolm (Neal McDonough). However, both of the Beck brothers die before they can ever get on that plane, and the show completely forgets about the bomb and moves on. Did the plane end up exploding? Did the Duttons' assassination attempt end up claiming the life of someone innocent? We'll never know because the show never followed up. There are plenty of plotlines throughout "Yellowstone" that end this way — unresolved, unaddressed, or just seemingly forgotten. 

There is one dropped plotline that fans really want to see resolved sometime in the future, and it involves a horse belonging to Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill).

What happened to Tate's horse?

The plotline in question revolves around Tate's horse, Lucky. When John Dutton (Kevin Costner) bought Tate his horse back in Season 2, John tells him: "His whole life is in your hands now, Tate. How you treat him is how his life goes." It seemed natural that we would spend the next few seasons watching Tate grow up alongside his horse, learning to take care of Lucky and turning into the perfect cowboy just like his father and grandfather. Unfortunately, after Season 2, the horse is never mentioned (or seen) again, and fans have been calling for Lucky's return ever since.

"What ever happened to Tate's horse?" wrote u/ratattack26 on a Reddit thread about the missing mammal. "I feel like him getting the horse was kinda big deal and then they never show or talk about it lol." Redditor u/Exotic_Volume696 jokingly suggested that Lucky may have been given the same treatment as Jimmy (Jefferson White) in Season 4: "They sent the horse to Texas to learn how to be a better horse."

While the show certainly seems to have forgotten about Lucky, actor Brecken Merrill made it clear that he remembers his horse with an Instagram post in 2021. Unsurprisingly, the post, which shows Merrill and his forgotten companion, is littered with comments asking what happened to Tate's beloved horse and when we'll see Lucky again.

Indeed, the unfortunate truth is that it seems like Lucky was only used as a device to move the plot along, since the last time we see him is when Tate goes out to feed him and is subsequently abducted by the Beck brothers. After that, there is no mention of Lucky whatsoever, and until we see him again, we have to assume that Tate's horse is yet another plotline forgotten by the showrunners.