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How The Boys Fans Think Homelander Will Die

"The Boys" boasts some of the most powerful characters to ever grace the silver screen. Amazon Prime Video's satirical superhero series follows a group of vigilantes, dubbed the Boys, who are dead set on eliminating the world's superheroes, run by the nefarious conglomerate Vought. At the heart of Vought's diverse portfolio of heroes is the Seven, led by Homelander (Antony Starr), a play on DC's Superman. Unlike the Man of Steel, Homelander assigns no value to human life and is frequently seen pushing things too far in the hopes of maintaining his brand as America's favorite superhero. "The Boys" showrunner Eric Kripke has even suggested that Homelander could beat Superman in a fight because of his lack of morals (via The Illuminerdi).

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and the rest of the Boys, of course, have other plans for the popular hero. Throughout its run, "The Boys" has maintained that Homelander is as invincible as any hero can get, making him a tough kill for the vigilante group. Butcher and the rest of the crew have had to use their wits and penchant for good timing whenever they come across Homelander — not their might.

Despite having killed a number of heroes, the Boys just can't seem to get rid of the increasingly maniacal Homelander. While things look grim for the vigilantes, fans of the series have spent some time meditating on whether and how Homelander will die, and they all have one common theme in mind.

Fans think Billy Butcher will be responsible for Homelander's death

In a poll conducted by u/LeonOkada9 on the subreddit r/TheBoys, nearly 35% of voters were revealed to believe that Homelander will ultimately die from a super gory death. Commenters on the thread unanimously agreed that if Homelander were to die, it will be at the hands of Billy Butcher. Redditor u/someone8787 chimed in by discussing how Butcher would never stop chasing the hero, even if he were locked up for his crimes: "If Homelander [were] jailed for life, you bet Butcher would find a way to break into his maximum[-]security cell and kill him anyways [sic]."

Redditor u/Go-D_i suggested that the Boys' leader would eliminate Homelander while he was de-powered: "The 'de-power' chamber was shown for a reason: maybe hinting. Maybe he will suffer in the chamber isolated, have all of his dirt revealed and know no one loves him anymore. Maybe Butcher will kill him while he is depowered?" The original poster replied by imagining how exactly Homelander would die if he had no powers: "Imagine Homelander begging Butcher to kill him."

The show has greatly emphasized Homelander and Butcher's rivalry and animosity, so it seems certain that the duo will once again face off, resulting in either's death. While in the comics, on which the satirical series is based, Homelander is killed by fellow Seven member Black Noir in a gory battle, "The Boys" has shied away from its source material, so it wouldn't be surprising if Butcher were responsible for the hero's death. With Season 3 giving the Boys temporary superpowers, one can only imagine the diabolical chaos they'll get into.