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The Shocking Homelander Scene On The Boys That Appalled Antony Starr

Marvel and DC might have an onslaught of evildoers, but it's safe to say that Homelander would give plenty of them a run for their money and have a questionable glass of milk to celebrate. Antony Starr's appearance on "The Boys" as a red, white, and blue-clad madman with superpowers has been one of Amazon Prime's uncouth superhero show's highlights, often at the center of its darkest moments.

In between incinerating company stooges with heat vision and squishing the heads of purse-snatchers like day-old jack o'lanterns, Starr's Homelander has been a horror that we love to hate. Now as much fun as it may seem to play the show's big bad, there are limits that even Starr has admitted he's reached with his role. It turns out that stepping into the shoes of a psychopathic Superman has its drawbacks and that even amidst all the carnage and dark, dark comedy, there was one scene in particular that he struggled with after shooting.

The cabin in the woods set up a harrowing Homelander scene for Starr

In the show's 2nd season, Homelander makes a few trips to a secluded cabin, and on his first visit, we see a face from the past that we know has no chance of returning. Elizbeth Shue's Madelyn Stillwell, who died horrifically in the 1st season's finale, is seemingly alive and well and all over our villainous supe. However, we quickly realize that it is a shapeshifter being kept by Homelander. As if that wasn't weird enough, it eventually transforms into Homelander himself and proceeds to perform sexual acts on the Vought-backed hero in some twisted take of self-pleasure. As far as Homelander's most heinous acts go, that's where Starr admitted crossed a line.

Speaking to TV Line following the episode's airing, Starr admitted, "that whole sequence, the cabin sequence, let's call it, is really pretty messed up. It's a pretty bizarre thing to go and do. But it's a lot of fun as well." Once the scene made it to the final product, Starr eventually managed to wrap his head around it but still accepted it for what it was. "I watched that scene, and I was like, 'Wow, it's appalling but hysterical,'" he said. 

Factoring moments like this, we can only expect things to worsen when Season 3 of "The Boys" returns to Amazon Prime on June 3.