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The One Thing Casey Constantly Does That Chicago Fire Fans Can't Take Seriously

When leading man Jesse Spencer and his character of fire captain Matthew Casey left the main cast of "Chicago Fire" partway through its 10th season, it was a huge blow to fans of the series. Strict and serious yet imbued with a deep sense of heroism, Casey was a major part of the backbone of the show and served as the perfect foil to the show's other leading character, Taylor Kinney's charming Lt. Kelly Severide. Though Spencer returned for the show's Season 10 finale on May 25, 2022, to celebrate the long-awaited wedding of Severide and Lt. Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and hasn't ruled out making future appearances beyond that, his absence on the show has been felt.

That's not to say that Casey was a perfect character back in the days when he was leading the show, however. In fact, there's one very specific quirk unique to Casey that some fans have long since picked up on, and it's unfortunately kept them from taking the character seriously during some of his more intense moments.

Casey loves to point fingers (literally)

It's well-established that though Casey is a compassionate leader, his fellow firefighters don't want to get on his bad side. When Casey gets angry, his outbursts are so intense that some fans have argued the character actually has deep-seated anger management issues. "I'm really enjoying the physicality of it," Spencer said in an interview with Assignment X back during the show's first season. "I mean, it's nothing without the character element, but I think they play to both really well."

Unfortunately, there's a certain action that Casey frequently makes during these tirades that some have become painfully aware of. Specifically, many have noticed the captain's tendency to comically point his finger up in the face of whoever he's yelling at.

"I've spotted that whenever Casey is wound up about something or confronting someone, he has to point his finger in the person's face so that we know he's angry," Redditor u/DraggedOutOfTheCage wrote in a post on the r/ChicagoFireNBC subreddit. "I just can't take him seriously when he's angry now as I'm sat there like 'ooh he's about to get the angry finger out.'" u/obviously_blond posted in agreement, writing, "As much as I love Jesse Spencer, this always annoyed me." On the other hand, some users, such as u/ATiredFanGirl, admitted to noticing the quirk but added that it doesn't bother them.

Every character on "Chicago Fire" has quirks and flaws, but Casey's pointing problem is definitely one of the more strange cases and it's hard not to notice once you've become aware of it. Fans should place their bets now on whether the captain will partake in any vicious point sessions during his upcoming return.