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What We Know So Far About The New Supes From The Boys Season 3

The last thing the Boys need is more superheroes to take down, let alone an entirely new team of supes who blur the lines between good and evil. Nevertheless, new supes are on the loose, as new supercharged humans are confirmed to join "The Boys" Season 3.

Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) appears as a supe at the end of Season 2, exploding people's heads for no darn good reason. Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) is destined to consume Compound V in Season 3, if the trailers are any indication. These two characters aren't technically new additions, since they both appeared in Season 2, and since Butcher is one of the main characters of the series, superpowers or not. Though it was announced in the fake mini-news show hosted by Vought, "Vought News Network: Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman" (January 2022), that supes would compete in American Hero, it's yet to be confirmed if they will have full-fledged roles in Season 3. These heroes include Luckless, Livewire, Jetstreak, Europo, Lonestar, Critter, Silver Kincaid, Moonshadow, and Pitstop, plus the judge of the reality series, the lovely Starlight (Erin Moriarty). For what it's worth, Supersonic will also compete and his role has already been made official for the next chapter of "The Boys," but more about that later.

Not counting any of the above, we know for sure that six new supes will be joining the cast—and, as we say, the more, the merrier. Here's what we know so far about the additions to "The Boys" Season 3.

Blue Hawk

Deadline announced in June 2021 that actor Nick Wechsler, known for his role in "Roswell," would be joining Season 3 of "The Boys" as a supe named Blue Hawk. Not much is known about the character at this time as he's a show original, not a character from the Garth Ennis comics the series is based on. Yet he did appear during the December airing of "Seven on 7" and was introduced as a patriotic supe and the new face of 4-Freedom American-made products. Another patriotic superhero? That's all the Seven needed.

There's speculation that Blue Hawk could be somewhat of a spin on the Wolverine-type member who's part of The G-Men, known as Ground Hawk. Whether that's true or not, what's certain is that he and his fancy helmet and spiffy mustache look ready to ride on the upcoming season of "The Boys." 

Crimson Countess

Yet another addition is Crimson Countess, played by Laurie Holden (per Variety). Crimson Countess is a parody of Marvel's Scarlet Witch, in case viewers couldn't tell by her costume. Starlight referred to Crimson Countess way back in Season 1, which makes us wonder if every superhero casually mentioned in the series will eventually make their way to the screen. Since her powers revolve around heat and fire, it's safe to assume she's going to do some serious damage in Season 3, especially if the trailer is any indication. In it, she's shown torching people with her powers—in fact, she blows them up with ease.

In the comics, Crimson Countess was a member of the supe team Payback, which, of course, is supposed to make an appearance in Season 3. However, since every character on the show, whether a supe or member of the Boys, is the hero of their own story, it'll be interesting to see which team, if any, she joins. Vought International is still a horrific company that takes advantage of its supes in the name of greed.


Gunpowder, an original character of "The Boys" comics, is set to make his debut (via Deadline), and he'll be played by Sean Patrick Flanery. Even though Gunpowder is technically new to the series, he's been mentioned along the way and is yet another retired member of the superhero group Payback. Gunpowder should play a pivotal role, as IMDb has him listed in all Season 3 episodes.

Gunpowder's powers revolve around guns and bullets. As one could guess, Gunpowder is pro-gun, and it wouldn't be a surprise if this factor appears in Season 3 in some capacity. He even briefly appears in the "Seven on 7" from November 2021. The segment mentions his Junior Shooter Program, which supposedly teaches children how to safely carry and fire firearms. Again, "Seven on 7" isn't meant to be taken seriously, but we still expect Gunpowder's arrival to add some flair to "The Boys." 

Soldier Boy

To say that Soldier Boy's introduction in Season 3 of "The Boys" has gotten attention is an understatement. The character is being played by "Supernatural" legend Jensen Ackles. 

As is the case with many other characters in the comics, Soldier Boy has multiple iterations, and all of them are parodies of Captain America. In his original form, Soldier Boy, aka the original Homelander, fought in World War II. A later version of Soldier Boy was much weaker and softer. It seems Ackles' character will be more in line with OG Soldier Boy, meaning he'll probably have some pretty incredible powers in "The Boys," though he's known for his super strength and speed in the comics. Similar to Captain America, he wields a shield and he's seen brutally hitting someone with it in a trailer for the upcoming season. The first Soldier Boy was the leader of Payback and given that other team members are joining the series, he'll probably assume that role once again. However, the Seven are still looking for new members...

It's already been announced that Ackles' character won't be everyone's cup of tea. "I think anyone expecting Jensen to show up and be a good guy, they will be disappointed," Eric Kripke told Variety. "He's one of these guys that's been around for decades of Vought history. And he was Homelander before Homelander, so he's from a different era, but he's got the ego and the ambition—it just comes across in a different way because he's from a different time." Needless to say, he'll certainly add more supe madness to the story.


Miles Gaston Villanueva will take on the role of Supersonic in the upcoming season of "The Boys" (via Deadline). During Supersonic's "Seven on 7" appearance, Cameron Coleman says he was previously known as Drummer Boy, and has a troubled past with addiction, leading to stints in rehab. He once had a fling with Starlight to boot. Something tells us that Hughie (Jack Quaid) isn't going to be too thrilled about his reemergence. If his name is any indication, Supersonic very well could have an immense amount of speed as a superpower, which might also ruffle some feathers with A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), though that remains to be seen.

As previously mentioned, Supersonic was also said to be competing in American Hero during a "Seven on 7" bit. Whether that contest is brought to the main series or not, we conjecture that the new supe is set to make a claim for a spot in The Seven. 


Swatto (played by Joel Labelle) makes a brief appearance in a trailer for "The Boys." In it, his wings are flapping and it appears he's running away from a devastating situation. In the comics, Swatto has powers similar to Marvel's Ant-Man, as he can shrink in size. He's also part of Payback in the comics, which shouldn't come as a surprise given the arrival of his other former team members. Similar to most of the new supe members, it remains to be seen what type of roles they'll play as well as where their allegiances will stand.

Ultimately, some delightful supes are set to join "The Boys" Season 3, and we're excited to see how events will play out once the new batch of episodes hit Prime Video. Given that there will seemingly be more supes on the series than ever, that very well could make the Boys' lives that much more complicated. Surely current members of The Seven, such as Homelander, won't be too ecstatic about the new arrivals. Time will tell.