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Here's Why Bobby Is Low-Key The Funniest Character On Supernatural

As a veteran hunter of demons, skinwalkers, vampires, and other assorted evil beings on The CW's hit series "Supernatural," Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) is, by and large, a deadly serious character. But Bobby definitely has his own trademark sense of humor on the show, as do both series' leads, Winchester brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). In Bobby's case, the comedy relief he supplies falls squarely within the gritty, good-old-boy category of salty comebacks and blunt-edged putdowns.

It's really no surprise Bobby's sense of humor often has a cynical edge to it, of course, considering his day job combating evil and a backstory that includes being forced to kill his own wife when she's irretrievably possessed by a demon. That being said, the man is certainly not all grimness all the time. The fact is, there's a full, 12-minute-plus supercut of Bobby chiding either Sam or Dean (or both) with his semi-famous aspersion — idjit! And while comedy may not exactly be his strong suit on this long-running series, he has fans cracking up more than a few times with his laconic delivery of a favorite phrase or colorful smackdown. So, is Bobby Singer the most laid-back but hilarious character on the show? Let's review the evidence.

Supernatural fans love Bobby's dry humor

The "Supernatural" boys battle the most fearsome villains, hunting down and slaughtering shapeshifters, hell hounds, and other unnatural entities. The job would wear anyone down, but just when the weight of saving humanity from unspeakable evil on a weekly basis is at its most stressful, a little levity to break the tension can be a literal life-saver.

In this respect, posters had no problem coming up with examples when asked to comment on a "Supernatural" subreddit discussion asking for times that Bobby made them laugh.

For the original poster on the thread, their favorite is the pithy line that Bobby tosses off at fellow hunter Rufus Turner (Steven Williams) when Rufus interrupts an agitated Bobby with a phone call, "Suck dirt and die, Rufus. Call me again and I'll kill you." For Redditor u/sweetsandyc, Bobby's endlessly repeated greeting to Sam during a time-loop episode is tops: "'Rise & Shine Sammy!' Mystery Spot episode always cracks me up." And the single favorite Bobby-ism for both u/Salvationzzzz and u/SK4304? The character's frequently deployed and uniquely scornful "Balls!"

Jim Beaver credits the show's writing for Bobby's inimitable wit

As the actor tasked with bringing Bobby Singer credibly to life throughout the series' 15-season run, Jim Beaver feels that he does bring an element of himself to the role, noting in an interview on the Supernatural Wiki that "The knack for a dry wisecrack is something I guess I possess, and that's a big part of Bobby." He went on to recall how the writers supplied him with his own favorite line: "Get the hell off my property or I'll fill you so full of rock salt you crap margaritas."

In an interview with Beaver posted on the AU review on YouTube, he compared the script writing on another of his favorite series' roles to that of "Supernatural," saying, "'Deadwood' had probably the best writing I've ever worked on outside of maybe Shakespeare. 'Supernatural' is an entirely different creature and yet what really worked for me on that show is the writing."

And Beaver's real-life use of those epic one-word put-downs? "I never said 'Balls!' or 'Idjit' as expressions until they showed up as words in a 'Supernatural' script," he revealed in the same Supernatural Wiki interview. "Those are Bobby's words, not mine. Though I throw them around occasionally for an appreciative audience!"