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SNL Fans Will Be Relieved To Hear The Good Michael Che News

"Saturday Night Live" has always sort of functioned as a launching pad for new comedic talent. Many of the actors who grace 30 Rock go on to star in films and TV shows, often continuing to test their comedic sensibilities in other arenas. Recently, there's been a mass exodus on the iconic sketch comedy show, as numerous tenured actors have left. This includes Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney, all of whom produced hilarious characters over the years and have left a giant hole in the show's roster.

Losing four players is a lot for the sketch show, and the truth of the matter is that may not be the end of it. Actors can still choose to leave before the show comes back for its next season later this year. Fortunately, it sounds as though long-time Weekend Update anchor Michael Che will stick around for the foreseeable future.

Michael Che thinks he's sticking around

Season 48 of "SNL" is slated to commence in the fall of 2022, so there's plenty of time for the show's actors to pursue other projects or decide if their time on the sketch comedy series should come to an end. Michael Che didn't comment definitively on whether he would stay or leave, but it certainly sounds like he's leaning toward the former. In an interview with Bill Simmons' podcast, Che said, "I think I'm staying. I don't know. I never know, it's hard, once the season's over it's best to not to make decisions like towards the end of the year because all you want to do is get out of there, you've had your fill, but August or September is usually a different story. I don't have any plans to leave just yet."

Michael Che has been a fixture of the series since 2013, when he joined as head writer. He then became a featured player in 2014, notably joining the Weekend Update desk, where he recently passed Seth Meyers to become the second longest-running host, right behind his current peer, Colin Jost.

For now, it sounds as if Che and Jost will be back for Season 48, so fans will likely continue to see them swap jokes for at least a little while longer.