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Disney+ Willow Trailer Is Everything Fans Have Been Waiting For

In 1988, the dark fantasy film "Willow" took audiences by storm. Conceived by "Star Wars" mastermind George Lucas, "Willow" didn't hit quite the same level of highs that his space fantasy franchise did, but the film nonetheless enjoyed a moderate level of success. According to Box Office Mojo, the film grossed $57 million domestically and received mixed reviews from critics, achieving a 51% on Rotten Tomatoes. Notably, it still holds a much-higher audience approval score of 79%. Over the years, "Willow" has arguably become something of a cult classic.

As a result, it was hardly surprising when Disney ordered a "Willow" sequel series in 2020 for its premium streaming service, Disney+ (via Variety). Since that time, fans have been eagerly awaiting any sort of first look at what the new series will have to offer in terms of story. Viewers learned back in 2020 that Warwick Davis was set to return in the title role, alongside a group of new cast members, including Erin Kellyman, Cailee Spaeny, and Ellie Bamber (via Deadline). 

Nearly two years later, fans finally have their first real look at the "Willow" series thanks to an officially released teaser trailer, and it looks like everything they've been waiting for.

The Disney+ Willow trailer will take viewers into the unknown

The first "Willow" teaser trailer released by Lucasfilm casts a warm spell of healthy nostalgia, while also promising fans something entirely new. The trailer begins with a callback to the adventure that takes place in the first film. A voice says, "There is a story of a child destined to be an empress and the unlikely hero who would protect her." In the original movie, Willow (Warick Davis) is forced to protect a baby from the evil Queen Bavmorda (Joanne Whalley). 

The rest of the trailer gives fans a sneak peek at the new adventure awaiting the character. It seems as if quite a bit of time has passed between the events of the original film and this new series, and Willow himself looks to be a more powerful character, fully in control of his magical powers. In fact, it looks as if Willow will be recruited once again to accompany some of the new characters on an adventure that desperately requires the use of his magic. 

Notably, the only prominent thing missing from this trailer is any mention of Val Kilmer's legendary Madmartigan character. Although Kilmer's involvement in the show is not at all guaranteed, especially given his recent health issues (via New York Post), Davis previously mentioned that he hoped to see him return (via Metro). Of course, given the fact that the newest iteration will approach the story as a series, it seems like there is still plenty of time for such an on-screen reunion.

"Willow" will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on November 30.